Texans Make Correct Call, Will Start Deshaun Watson at QB in Week 2

By Anthony Blake

After a pathetic looking effort in Week 1, the Houston Texans look to regroup on a short week against the only team that looked worse than them in the opener – the Cincinnati Bengals.

Thankfully for the Texans, head coach Bill O’Brien made the right call at quarterback in appointing rookie Deshaun Watson as the starter in Week 2.

Here were Watson’s thoughts on getting the call in Week 1.

The same problem that has plagued the Texans for the past handful of years remains an issue now, as Tom Savage clearly isn’t a starting QB while Watson may be better served with some more learning time before being thrown into the fire.

Still, it’s prudent for a team with a defense that’s built to win now to give themselves the best chance to succeed, and Watson has the higher upside by far.

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