Camp Update: New York Giants O-Line Must Come Together and Will Beatty is the Key


The New York Giants just opened training camp and the regular season opener at home against the Dallas Cowboys looms large. And while the team gets rolling, there is one area that, on the surface, appears solid yet is actually […]

NFL Rumors: Are the San Diego Chargers looking for another backup QB?


Now that San Diego Chargers backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst sustained a knee injury on the first day of training camp — he says it’s not serious — reports out of southern California have the team on the hunt for another […]

NFL Rumors: Did the Indianapolis Colts ‘Miss’ on Andy Dalton in 2011 Draft?


Former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian was talking about talent evaluation, draft strategies and lessons learned  last night on Sirius NFL Radio. At one point, the subject of “missed” players in the draft came up, and callers shared stories […]

NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt Arrested for DUI…on a Military Base?


Reports out of Tennessee say that troubled Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested early this morning and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) while driving on Fort Campbell military base. According to the reports, Britt and Titans […]

NFL Rumors: As Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Wallace close in on contract, is new offense at risk?


The Pittsburgh Steelers and free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace have yet to agree to a contract with the start of training camp looming less than a week away, though there have been fresh reports that the two sides may […]

These Eight NY Giants will be On the Bubble When Training Camp Begins

Ramses Barden

Okay, folks, the New York Giants are set to open training camp at the University of Albany in just over three weeks, and amid all the hoopla that comes with entering a new season as the defending champions there will […]

Eight Players to Watch at NY Giants Training Camp

Terrell Thomas

Sure, the New York Giants don’t open training camp for over a month, but there are plenty of intriguing players on the defending champs’ roster who will be under the microscope for various reasons this summer. Here’s a brief look: […]

NFL Rumors: NY Giants, Jeremy Shockey to Reunite? Get Real.

Jeremy Shockey

A report popped up this week that tight end Jeremy Shockey had somehow reached out to the New York Giants, apparently inquiring about a perceived need at his old position. He wants his old job back? After presumably exhausting his […]