For The Miami Dolphins Things Might Get Worse Before They Get Better

The Miami Dolphins

In 2011 the Miami Dolphins won six games during the regular season. The team has replaced their coaching staff and changed their philosophy on offense/defense. That transition will not be complete for at least a few years. The first problem Miami has […]

The Biggest Threat to the 2012 New York Jets: the New England Patriots

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets were a mediocre eight win team in 2011, while the New England Patriots won 13 games in the regular season and went as far as the Super Bowl championship. For the Jets the 2012 off-season had […]

Darrelle Revis Is Creating A Problem For Himself

Darrelle Revis-New York Jets

In an interview, on Thursday, Darrelle Revis told the Star Ledger’s Jenny Vrentas that he wants to retire as a member of the New York Jets. He followed that statement by saying, “If they feel that, if Mike [Tannenbaum] feels […]

NFL Network’s the Top 100 Players of 2012 List Is Not Accurate

There’s a television show on NFL Network called the Top 100 Players of 2012. It features a list based on who the players felt were the top 20 NFL players. No further methodology is provided to elaborate on how a list of the […]

Tom Benson Should Replace The Front Office Of The New Orleans Saints

Tom Benson-New Orleans Saints

Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints, needs to fire Sean Payton and the rest of the team’s coaching staff. When he became aware of the Bounty situation Benson ordered Mickey Loomis, the team’s general manager, and Payton […]

What The NY Jets Should Do If Darrelle Revis Does Not Show Up To Training Camp

Darrelle Revis-New York Jets

Darrelle Revis is definitely the most skilled player on the New York Jets. He is the best cornerback (CB) in the NFL and is arguably the only true shutdown CB in the league. The problem with Revis is that he […]

The Fate Of The 2012 New York Jets Rests On The Shoulders Of Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez-New York Jets

The New York Jets lack the personnel for a truly successful rushing offense and they have a very fast pair of starting wide receivers. Success for the Jets will come only if Mark Sanchez progresses and becomes an above average quarterback (QB) […]

Both Popular NFL Draft Pick Value Charts Are Flawed

2012 NFL Draft

Both the Jimmy Johnson and Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective’s (HSAC) NFL Draft pick value charts are incorrect when determining the value of selections. Both have significant flaws, which I will mention in this article, but in each case the […]

MGM Mirage Preseason Prediction For The New York Jets In 2012

According to the MGM Mirage has released it’s annual NFL preseason wins prediction (also known as over-unders). The MGM Mirage expects the New York Jets to win around eight and a half games (-145 for over/+125 for under). It […]

The True Trade Value For Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins-Dallas Cowboys

Mike Jenkins of the Dallas Cowboys is an enigma. In 2009 he was voted into the Pro Bowl yet his performance in 2010 was horrid and he was an average starter in 2011. Recently news sources have been reporting that […]

Tim Tebow Is A Far Worse Passer Than Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

The fact that Tim Tebow looks worse than Mark Sanchez in training camp shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last year during the Denver Broncos training camp Tebow was listed as the third quarterback. No one ever said the backup would […]

The New York Jets Offense Has A Lot To Learn During Training Camp

The New York Jets

The New York Jets offense has a new offensive coordinator, a new starting wide receiver, Tim Tebow, and a new scheme. Brian Schottenheimer and Plaxico Burress are gone, in their places are Tony Sparano and Stephen Hill. Tim Tebow isn’t […]