Minnesota Vikings: 5 Ways Coaching Changes Will Help In 2014

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings’ New Stadium: Team Chips In To Add 1,000 More TVs

Minnesota Vikings

Construction of the Minnesota Vikings‘ new stadium is well underway at this point. All of the hard fought battles to get the stadium approved are in the past, and it’s now just a matter of ironing out the details. As […]

10 Dark Horse Candidates For 2014 NFL MVP

Jay Cutler

Brett Favre Has Entered the World of Politics

Brett Favre Rams

Many pegged Brett Favre as a future coach when he finally retired from the NFL in 2010. So far those projections have panned out, as the former gunslinger has helped to lead a Mississippi high school team to a state title […]

Jim McMahon’s Football-Related Dementia Stories Are Scary

Jim McMahon

Life after football isn’t always great. In fact, the more we learn about former NFL players and their lives after football, the worse it sounds. Not only do these former gridiron warriors have to deal with constant aches and pains, […]

Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Right Choice For Houston Texans Starting QB, But Unlikely To Shine

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Houston Texans have officially named Ryan Fitzpatrick their starting quarterback. Obviously things could change before the actual kickoff of the 2014 season, but you’d have to think the nine-year veteran will be under center come week one. Bill O’Brien and […]

Minnesota Vikings: 5 Players Who Could Be ‘X-Factors’ In 2014

Cordarrelle Patterson

Dallas Clark Makes Right Call To Retire In 2014 As Member Of Indianapolis Colts

Dallas Clark

There was little doubt that Dallas Clark‘s days in the NFL were numbered coming into the 2014 season. But before things really got underway this year, Clark decided to go ahead and call it a career. He’ll officially retire on […]

Brett Favre Reunion With Green Bay Packers Needs To Happen In 2014

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is one of the players most closely associated with the Green Bay Packers. The only problem is that he hasn’t really been a part of the storied organization since being traded away in 2008. The Favre-Packers relationship ended […]

Al Michaels Implies Daniel Snyder Won’t Ever Change Washington Redskins Name

Al Michaels

The Washington Redskins appear to be headed for a name change somewhere down the road. But given team owner Daniel Snyder‘s comments in the past, it won’t be anytime in the very near future. Long-time NFL announcer Al Michaels was […]

Atlanta Falcons Are Solid Choice For Hard Knocks 2014

Atlanta Falcons

After several weeks of speculation it’s been announced that the Atlanta Falcons will appear on Hard Knocks 2014. HBO’s Hard Knocks will be done this summer with…the Atlanta Falcons. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) June 12, 2014 The popular HBO NFL […]

The 15 Craziest Looking Facemasks In NFL History

Justin Tuck