Tom Brady Says He Feels Better Than Age 25; How Many Years Left?

Tom Brady

Believe it or not, Tom Brady has been the New England Patriots starting quarterback for 13 years now. It seems like only a few years since he led the Pats on an improbable Super Bowl run over the St. Louis […]

Ray Rice Tries To Apologize For Elevator Incident, Fails Miserably

Ray Rice

The idea behind Ray Rice and his wife holding a press conference was good — to put the infamous elevator incident behind the RB and the Baltimore Ravens. But things don’t always go as planned. This particular press conference could […]

Michael Vick Hoping To Pull a Kurt Warner?

Michael Vick

Michael Vick is the New York Jets backup quarterback. There’s no doubt about it right now, and there’s unlikely to be any doubt about it for quite some time. Geno Smith is the odds on favorite to start at QB […]

Aldon Smith Should Be Jailed, Given Lengthy Suspension From NFL

Aldon Smith

San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith has pleaded no contest to three felony firearm charges against him, as well as two misdemeanor DUI charges. He will now await sentencing on July 25th, which could land him in the slammer for up […]

Cleveland Browns: QB Competiton Talk Is All Nonsense

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns fans are very excited for the future following the selection of Johnny Manziel in this year’s draft. But according to those within the team, they shouldn’t be too excited about Johnny Football quite yet. Enter Browns GM Ray Farmer: […]

NFL Owners Make Right Call On Expanded Playoffs, For Now

nfl playoff expansion

More football isn’t a bad thing. That statement is mostly true. America loves football and the sport has never been bigger in the good ole US of A. But even with the sport’s massive popularity from coast to coast, there’s […]

5 Reasons Why Minnesota Is the Right Choice For Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl 52

LeSean McCoy Thinks He’s Best NFL RB, Can Prove It In 2014

LeSean McCoy

For quite some time now there’s been little debate about who the NFL‘s best running back is. Adrian Peterson holds the title, and deservedly so. But now LeSean McCoy thinks that he not only belongs in the conversation, but that […]

Jeff Fisher Speaks Truth: Michael Sam Doc Would Have Been Bad For Rams Locker Room

Michael Sam

The news of a documentary series being made about Michael Sam‘s NFL journey definitely raised a few eyebrows. Some of those eyebrows belonged to people within the St. Louis Rams organization. Ultimately it was decided to put the kibosh on […]

Minnesota Vikings Partnership With Teddy Bridgewater Off To Great Start

Teddy Bridgewater

There are no guarantees when it comes to rookies and their new teams. Sometimes a guy is thrilled to be there, others times not so much. In the case of Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings, all signs thus far […]

5 NFL Teams That Won’t Like Their Vegas Win Total Projection For 2014

Jay Cutler Title

Johnny Manziel Wins Even More Cleveland Browns Fans Over After Text Reveal

Johnny Manziel

Sometimes in life you just have to admit when you’re dead wrong. When it comes to Johnny Manziel wanting to play for the Cleveland Browns, I was dead wrong. My take on his body language after the Browns selected him was […]