Cleveland Browns Can Build On A Major Strength In The 2012 NFL Draft


The Browns can take Robert Griffin III.  The Browns can trade up for Andrew Luck.  They can draft playmakers in LaMichael James and TY Hilton.  But there is one thing the Browns cannot ignore in this draft.  That is the […]

Using The Franchise Tag on D’Qwell Jackson Would Be A Good Idea For The Cleveland Browns

There weren’t many bright spots for the Cleveland Browns in 2011.  But there still were some to be found.  One of those bright spots was the defense. The defense kept the Browns in many games this season, when the offense […]

Is It Time For The Cleveland Browns To Bench Mohamed Massaquoi?

A major overhaul of the Browns offense is about to occur.  Every position will be subject to an upgrade.  And that could bring into question the long term future of Mohamed Massaquoi. The wide receiver out of Georgia was drafted […]

It Comes Down To RG3 and Tannehill At Quarterback For Cleveland Browns Mock Drafts In 2012

It certainly sounds as if the Cleveland Browns will be adding a quarterback season.  But who will it be?  Well, it may come down to a choice between Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill.  Tannehill has been steadily moving up […]

Robert Griffin III May Be Overvalued In 2012 NFL Mock Drafts

Everyone says Robert Griffin III is the can’t miss prospect of the 2012 NFL Draft.  ESPN has been leading the Griffin bandwagon to the point where they suggest he could go first overall.  However, everyone is forgetting the major weakness […]

I Dreamed A Dream Of A 2012 NFL Mock Draft; With Matt Kalil?

It’s time to think about something that will not happen for the Cleveland Browns.  Or at least it’s highly unlikely that this will happen. When drafting in the first round, you usually select best player available.  And that player could […]

2012 NFL Mock Draft : Trent Richardson Makes Sense For The Cleveland Browns

Why in the world would the Cleveland Browns draft Trent Richardson?  Don’t the Browns already have Hillis and Hardesty?  Isn’t Brandon Jackson ready to go for next season?  Why would you take a running back that high? When it comes […]

2012 NFL Mock Draft : What Would A Defensive Draft Look Like For The Cleveland Browns?

Most Cleveland Browns fans have been calling for offensive players in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  I personally believe that is the right way to go.  However, it is tempting to consider taking defensive players to add […]

Cleveland Browns Can’t Go Wrong In The First Round Of The 2012 Draft

Gun or ammunition?  That is a serious question when it comes to the Cleveland Browns offense.  A question that must be answered before the 2012 NFL Draft. The Browns had little spark on offense.  Greg Little was impressive at times.  […]