New England Patriots: Stevan Ridley May Have Fumbled His Way Out of Town

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Stevan Ridley fumbled in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos, and that gave Ridley three fumbles in three consecutive games. Whenever Ridley carries the ball I expect him to fumble, the same way I expect Tony Romo to throw […]

Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is Still Tony Romo in the 4th Quarter

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Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys to a go-ahead field goal as time expired to beat the New York Giants. It is no secret that the jury is still out on Romo. He has the numbers to prove that he is […]

Ed Reed Would Have Been a Great New England Patriot

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Wait, the New York Jets signed Ed Reed? Why were the New England Patriots banging down the door of Reed’s agent to get him in a Patriots uniform? Rumor has it the Patriots inquired about Reed but Reed chose the Jets because he was more […]

Buffalo Bills Blamed the NFL Regarding an Unfair Schedule

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I just read that the Buffalo Bills called the league to complain about schedule fairness. I can’t believe this is a real story. I’m sorry the reason the Bills have been losing games is because six of their opponents have had extra […]

Miami Dolphins’ Running Game Is An Embarrassment

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There is a pretty good chance that if you were playing for the Miami Dolphins last night, you could have run for more than two yards. You might have broken your leg or woke up with bruised ribs from a giant […]

How Does Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Still Have A Job?

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Jason Garrett has to be a yes man right? It seems like Garrett is Jerry Jones personal puppet. He has to be. I asked a friend today how Garrett still had a job and the response I received was pretty simple: […]

Washington Redskins Need To Start Over

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It’s time for the Washington Redskins to start making changes within the organization. They can change the coach, change the offensive line, change the name, do whatever they have to — but someone needs to tell the Redskins that they are […]

Why Would Chicago Bears Ever Clear Jay Cutler Early?

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Why are the Chicago Bears rushing Jay Cutler back? Isn’t he in a contract year? Don’t they hope that he’ll be around to play for a few more seasons? If I’m Cutler, I’m coming back to get my job back. If […]

Easy, New England Patriots Fans; They Are the Model of Inconsistency

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Easy New England Patriots fans; slow down. The Patriots offense finally showed some life against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but just remember when riding a roller coaster you never know when the next turn or twist will come. Sure the offense […]

Does Anyone Know How To Lose Better Than the Buffalo Bills?

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Is there a team in the NFL that knows how to lose better than the Buffalo Bills? I sat and watched this game Sunday curled up on a couch with a cup of coffee and left over Halloween candy and could […]

Does Christian Ponder Have A Future With Minnesota Vikings After Monday?

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The Monday Night Football game was just ugly. Josh Freeman looked atrocious and I can’t decide if it was his fault or Leslie Frazier’s. On one hand, if you’re going to miss a receiver at least miss him around the hands or […]

Rob Gronkowski Isn’t the Answer to the New England Patriots’ Problems

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Rob Gronkowski played great. Tom Brady targeted him a ton and Gronkowski made some great catches. I don’t want to be negative, but unless he’s going to line up as a middle linebacker and stop the run the New England Patriots have a […]