Trent Richardson Close To Bucking “Bust” Perception After One Year With Indianapolis Colts

Trent Richardson Colts vs Eagles 2014

This Friday, Sept. 19, Trent Richardson will celebrate his one-year anniversary with the Indianapolis Colts. At this time last year, fans across the league were intrigued. Midseason trades are rare, especially when first-round picks are involved. Richardson was liberated from […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Iffy Trade History Lingers Over Loss to Philadelphia Eagles

Trent Richardson Colts vs Eagles 2014

In the Indianapolis Colts‘ Monday night loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, two trades lingered over the proceedings, casting an increasing shadow of doubt over the man I affectionately like to call “Midas,” Ryan Grigson. The first, as always, was the […]

Indianapolis Colts: Top 5 Overreactions From Week 1

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

5 Indianapolis Colts Players Who Stood Out in Week 1

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Denver Broncos: 5 Takeaways From Week 1 Victory

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Indianapolis Colts’ Griff Whalen Should Run Every Punt All the Way Back

Griff Whalen, Indianapolis Colts, Preseason 2014

There were a few funny, head-smacking moments during the Indianapolis Colts‘ Sunday night season opener, but one much derided moment from early in the fourth quarter needs to be defended. Griff Whalen caught a punt around the 10-yard line and ran […]

Indianapolis Colts Fans Should Brace for Repeat of Last Season

Andrew Luck, Touchdown, Colts vs Broncos 2014

The Indianapolis Colts look a lot like they did last season. Some of the names might have changed, but the narratives remain the same. Andrew Luck still plays better as he gets angrier. Trent Richardson is still riding the struggle bus. Reggie […]

Indianapolis Colts Player Spotlight: Josh McNary

Josh McNary Indianapolis Colts 2013

Last season, linebacker Josh McNary missed the cut for the Indianapolis Colts‘ 53-man roster. This year, he’s starting the season as an active member of the team. Obviously an NFL roster is never “final,” but McNary will be delightful to watch as […]

6 Notable Players Missing from Indianapolis Colts Final 53-Man Roster

Josh Lenz Colts vs Bengals Preseason 2014

Buffalo Bills Fans Should be Excited about Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton Cowboys 2013

  Buffalo Bills faithful, I’m not sure you’re appropriately enthused about your Kyle Orton signing. Maybe it’s because it was announced late on the Friday night of a three-day weekend, as though they thought none of us would notice (that’s […]

Indianapolis Colts Fans Need to Brace for Rough Week

Coach Chuck Pagano Indianapolis Colts Preseason 2014

The Indianapolis Colts are in for a rough week. The final preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals was eye-opening in all the wrong ways, and left even the usually upbeat Chuck Pagano looking drained and frustrated. The offensive line has […]

6 Fantasy Football Players Indianapolis Colts Fans Too Excited to Draft

Colts Offense Preseason 2014