The Bears Need to Sign Brandon Meriweather

For some reason that I can’t even figure out, the New England Patriots cut 2 time pro bowl safety Brandon Meriweather today. I don’t know why- and I don’t care. The Chicago Bears need to go get him. End of […]

Am I the Only Tony Romo Fan?

I took Tony Romo in a fantasy draft for like…the 19th straight year. Okay that’s kind of a lie. I’ve had Romo on my fantasy teams since he emerged as a dangerous fantasy weapon for the Dallas Cowboys a few […]

Breaking News: Michael Vick Signs 6 year 100 million Dollar Deal with Eagles

Michael Vick is officially back. The Philadelphia Eagles and Vick have agreed to a monster 6 year deal worth 100 million dollars, and let me tell you- WOW. We all know about the issues Vick has had, the prison sentence, […]

Chicago Bears Cut Chester Taylor and Vernon Gholston

The Chicago Bears have released Chester Taylor, and I think everyone saw that coming when Marian Barber signed in the off season. Khalil Bell is such a valuable asset on special teams and Taylor really didnt’ work out the way […]

Patriots Looking at Darren Sharper

The Patriots are looking at cheap ways to improve the quality of their team, and have reached out to Darren Sharper to see how interested he would be in joining their ranks for a shot at a ring. They’re bringing […]

Breaking News: Baltimore Ravens Trade for Lee Evans


The Baltimore Ravens look like they’ve traded for WR Lee Evans from the Buffalo Bills for a 4th round pick. This will be a HUGE deal for Baltimore as they’ve watched other teams in the AFC get bigger, faster, and […]

Brad Childress Needs to Close His Mouth

Brad Childress has gone out and publicly ripped Randy Moss, and the signing of him last year. Am I the only one thinking- Shut up Brad Childress! Seriously, the Minnesota Vikings had more problems than Randy Moss, and Childress himself […]

Mikel Leshoure Out For The Year

The Detroit Lions lose rookie RB Mikel Leshoure for the season after he tore his Achilles tendon in practice. Leshoure was a RB out of Illinois, drafted in the second round, and was being counted on to become a 1-2 […]

Is Philip Rivers Ready to Win a Super Bowl?

Every year we hear about Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers being an AFC elite team. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing it because the Chargers never end up in the Super Bowl. How can you be considered “elite” when […]

Kansas City Chiefs give Tamba Hali 60 Million

The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly locked Tamba Hali up for 60 million dollars over 5 years. Something around 35 million of it is guaranteed. This is a huge sign for a smaller market team like the Kansas City Chiefs, […]

Frank Gore Looks Good

Based on this video, Frank Gore looks like he’s ready to put up a huge season in gold and red this year. The San Francisco 49ers should be able to contend for a division championship this year, but Gore is […]

Breaking News: Philadelphia Eagles to Sign Ronnie Brown

The rich just keep getting richer out there in Philadelphia. Reports are starting to surface that Ronnie Brown is about to join the Philadelphia Eagles backfield. This is yet another crazy sign that came out of nowhere this offseason, but […]