What Should the Baltimore Ravens Do With Jacoby Jones?

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What to do with Jacoby Jones? The dancing speedster was one of the Baltimore Ravens‘ heroes in their famous postseason run.  He caught a last-second 70-yard touchdown bomb from Flacco to tie up the Divisional game against the Denver Broncos, […]

Baltimore Ravens Have Tough Roster Choices To Make

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The Baltimore Ravens have some tough choices to make. Luckily, they are the kind of choices every team wants to have. Throughout the offseason and into the preseason, new players — both young and old — have been stepping up […]

Baltimore Ravens’ Recipe For Success

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Before Dennis Pitta‘s season-ending injury, the Baltimore Ravens‘ were looking to build upon their recent postseason success to carry them back to another Super Bowl title. It was going to be difficult without Anquan Boldin, since he was their most reliable […]

Baltimore Ravens’ Young Players Need To Step Up

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Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens front office went out of their way this offseason to make the team younger, particularly on defense. Some have criticized this move, arguing that it undermines veteran leadership. Others have praised it, pointing to its […]

Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco Shows Leadership By Speaking Out

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It’s been said a thousand times since Ray Lewis announced his retirement: Joe Flacco is the Baltimore Ravens‘ new leader. He has shown it in multiple ways. From becoming more vocal on and off the field, to leading his team to […]

Baltimore Ravens’ Best-Case Scenario In 2013

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Much has been written in regards to how much the Baltimore Ravens could struggle in 2013. Anquan Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers and Dennis Pitta is lost for the season to a hip injury. While the defense is […]

Baltimore Ravens: Third Tight End Is Important In 2013

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The Baltimore Ravens have kept three tight ends on the roster for four of the past five seasons. For the most part, though, they have only used two. In 2008, Daniel Wilcox and Edgar Jones (who also played as a linebacker) were Todd Heap‘s backups. Wilcox caught […]

Have Faith In Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco

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Joe Flacco has always been a polarizing player.  The question regarding his status on the totem pole of success has long been debated.  Is he elite or just in the top ten?  Is he even top ten?  While he has […]

Baltimore Ravens’ Jim Caldwell Has His Work Cut Out For Him

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When Jim Caldwell was appointed the Baltimore Ravens‘ offensive coordinator in December of 2012, he was given the unenviable task of fixing an offense overnight that had struggled under Cam Cameron for almost five years.  His first game as the […]

What Can the Baltimore Ravens Expect From the AFC North in 2013?

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The AFC North has always been known as a tough division, and it will only get tougher in 2013. As they do every season, the Baltimore Ravens will have to play six games against their divisional neighbors. The only difference […]

What Can Baltimore Ravens Expect from the AFC East In 2013?

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Four of the Baltimore Ravens‘ games will be against the AFC East in 2013, pitting them against three teams in the process of rebuilding and a dynasty attempting to overcome a turbulent offseason. The Buffalo Bills are hitting the reset […]

What Can the Baltimore Ravens Expect from the NFC North In 2013?

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The Baltimore Ravens will be taking on the NFC North this season, which means they will be up against some of the best players in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers behind center, who is thought by […]