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Brian Neal

Brian Neal is an intern for RantSports.com and mass communications student at Lewis University. Follow him on Twitter @brianneal23.

Trestman's System Simply Doesn't Fit Personnel

There are many arguments for why Marc Trestman should be fired at the conclusion of the 2014 NFL season, but the greatest may be that his system doesn't fit the Chicago Bears' personnel. Read More

Manziel Must Mature Now or Suffer Fate of Tebow

Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow aren't very similar players or people, other than the fact that they're both running QBs. But then why will Manziel suffer the same fate as Tebow if he doesn't mature now? Read More

Bears Somehow Drafting Mariota is a Pipe Dream

Chicago Bears fans and the media all want Jay Cutler gone. However, Marcus Mariota would not be his replacement. It simply isn't possible. Find out why here. Read More

Bears Better Not Listen to Media, Fans On Cutler

There's a lot of fingers to be pointed as to why the Chicago Bears' 2014 season was so dreadful. But one man who doesn't deserve so much flack is Jay Cutler. Find out exactly why here. Read More

Bulls are Poised for Epic Run Over Next 14 Games

The Chicago Bulls are coming off two huge wins over the Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. See why their next 14 games seem to hold great fortune. Read More