Chicago Bears Need To Fix 2 Problems To Right Ship, Make Playoffs

Marc Trestman Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have lost the last two games, and both performances showed the same major two problems: offensive consistency and pass rush. Those two factors alone have been their demise the past couple weeks, after starting the year 3-0. […]

Chicago Bears Should Sit Charles Tillman Against Calvin Johnson

Charles Tillman Calvin Johnson

How could I say such a thing? Sit down a guy who covers Megatron better than maybe any other player in the league, and I think it’s a good idea? Well, that’s exactly what I’m hear to say. Charles Tillman […]

There’s No Question Any Longer: Jay Cutler Is The Leader Of The Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler. When his name is spoken around a Chicago Bears fan, who knows what the response is going to be. Heck, if you speak it around any NFL fan, the reaction is generally negative. But that needs to stop, […]

Chicago Bears Finding a New Way to Win

Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears

Sunday gave Chicago Bears fans a nice little treat to start the season: A come-from-behind victory against the very good Cincinnati Bengals team. The game certainly had it’s momentum swings. For those who missed it — or just as a […]

Isaiah Frey Certainly Looks the Part of Nickel back for Chicago Bears

Isaiah Frey Chicago Bears

After spending all of last season on the practice squad, 2012 sixth-round pick cornerback Isaiah Frey is looking like a very good nickel corner for the Chicago Bears this season. It’s unfortunate that his rise came at the expense of […]

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler, Matt Forte Dominate In 3rd Preseason Game

Matt Forte Jay Cutler

OK, yes, it was against the Oakland Raiders, but in the most important preseason game — that being the third where the starters played the entire first half — the Chicago Bears offense showed what it’s capable of. The Bears […]

If Tim Tebow Wants To Continue Career, Ditching Pride May Be Only Way

Tim Tebow New England Patriots

I don’t know if anyone has told Tim Tebow, but pride is quite the sin in the Christian Faith. And unfortunately for him, it may be one of his few flaws as a person, and perhaps the only thing standing […]

Buffalo Bills: E.J. Manuel Should Without Question Still Start Week 1 If Healthy

E.J. Manuel Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel was well on his way to winning the starting job — if he hasn’t already — over Kevin Kolb after two very impressive preseason games. In those games, he completed 26-of-33 passes for 199 […]

Chicago Bears: 2012, 2013 First Round Draft Picks Shine Vs. San Diego Chargers

Kyle Long Chicago Bears

For years, the Chicago Bears have missed on nearly every first-round selection during the Jerry Angelo era. When Phil Emery was hired as the general manager in January of 2012, many had hoped that trend would change. And considering his past […]

Chicago Bears Vs. San Diego Chargers: First-Team Offense, Jay Cutler With Mixed Results

Matt Forte Chicago Bears

On a cool August night, the Chicago Bears took the field against the San Diego Chargers at Soldier Field for their second preseason game of the season. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this game to watch was how the Bears’ […]

5 Takeaways From Chicago Bears First Preseason Game

Jon Bostic Chicago Bears1

Philadelphia Eagles: Is the Reaction to Riley Cooper’s Incident Becoming Excessive?

Riley Cooper Philadelphia Eagles

Am I the only one who thinks the reaction to Riley Cooper‘s racial slur slip caught on someone’s phone is rather inordinate? Don’t get me wrong, what he said is not OK — in fact, I’m kind of embarrassed for […]