Despite Improved Numbers, Chicago Bears’ Run Defense Still Pitiful

Chicago Bears Jon Bostic

For much of the past decade, the Chicago Bears‘ defense has been fantastic — one of the best in the league. One of the staples for all of those top 10 defensive units was stopping the run. Most years, the […]

Jay Cutler Needed to Shake Off Rust Early, But Still Led Chicago Bears to Win

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears

The decision to pull Josh McCown in favor of the medically-cleared Jay Cutler was certainly one that created a monumental debate of differing opinions among Chicago Bears fans and media alike. And to begin their game against the Cleveland Browns […]

Why Denver Broncos Will Not Win Super Bowl in 2013-14 NFL Season

Peyton Manning John Fox

“Is this just an overreaction to the Denver Broncos‘ loss last night on Thursday Night Football?” I bet that’s what a lot of people are thinking as they open this article, but my response is … um … no. And […]

What is Best-Case Scenario for Rest of Chicago Bears Season?

Jay Cutler Josh McCown

The Chicago Bears are tied atop the NFC North with the Detroit Lions at 7-6, and seemingly have at least a somewhat realistic shot at the playoffs if they win out and take the division crown. However, is that the […]

Bad Weather, Poor Defense Account for 1st 100-Touchdown Week in NFL History

Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears

Common sense tells us — or me at least — that playing in snowy conditions generally means the game is going to be a low-scoring contest in the NFL. Right? I was pretty surprised to find out that despite the […]

Is It Time For NFL To Start Reviewing Penalties?

Drew Brees Ahmad Brooks

In the last week alone, we’ve seen two extremely controversial calls have huge impacts on the outcome of games. Of course, everyone has seen or at least heard of both of them, but here’s a quick refresher. The first was […]

Can Chicago Bears Survive Injuries to Still Make Playoffs?

Matt Forte Chicago Bears

Does anyone else just feel weird today after watching that Chicago Bears-Baltimore Ravens game unfold over the course of nearly five and a half hours? I just feel strange. However, strange isn’t always a bad thing, and maybe it’s because […]

5 Logical Reasons Why Chicago Bears Should Re-Sign Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Brandon Marshall

Cool Your Jets On Josh McCown, Chicago Bears Fans

Josh McCown Jay Cutler

I knew it was going to be a strange day today when I went to physical therapy for treatment on my bulging disks and my chiropractor started rapping the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies. It was awkward, but it […]

Chicago Bears Help Bolster Pathetic DT Position, Sign Jay Ratliff

Jay Ratliff Chicago Bears

Less than an hour ago, ESPN reported that the Chicago Bears have signed former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff to a one-year deal. Ratliff had been meeting with several teams, including the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati […]

Chicago Bears’ Playoff Hopes Are Vanquished After Mass-Injury Spree

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears

I’m going to be completely honest with you: This was the most optimistic I’ve ever been going into a Chicago Bears season. I thought they had all the pieces to have a team worthy of contender status. They came into […]

Chicago Bears’ Defense Has 1 Major Flaw

Chicago Bears Defense

These days, the “Monsters” of the Midway aren’t looking so scary. Yes, the Chicago Bears‘ defense is still one of the most opportunistic in the league, but their is one major flaw that will cost them big against every good […]