New York Giants: Victory Over Oakland Raiders Gives Giants Real Hope

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With the New York Giants 24-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders, the team is back in a familiar position: In the hunt for a spot in the playoffs and no one giving them a chance to make the tournament. Yes, the […]

New York Giants: Keys To A Must-Win Game Against Oakland Raiders

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Coming off a much needed bye week, the New York Giants return their attention to conquering a weak and inconsistent NFC East. With the Washington Redskins falling to the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, a Giants victory over the Oakland Raiders is even […]

New York Giants Have Big Mountain To Climb For A Playoff Berth

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The New York Giants‘ two wins over the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles are just what the team needed to give them some momentum going into a treacherous second half of the season. Over the last three seasons the […]

New York Giants: Rueben Randle Is Their Best Chance vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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With the New York Giants picking up their first win of the season over the Minnesota Vikings, the rest of the season can only be discussed game by game. No longer can we look further than the next game because each game is win […]

New York Giants: Unconvincing Performance Leads To First Win

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Let me start off by saying I am delighted that the New York Giants picked up their first win of the 2013 season with a 23-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. For a moment, I feared that the Giants weren’t […]

Where Do The New York Giants Go From Here?

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With the 27-21 loss to the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants are 0-6 for the first time since 1976. With this most recent failure I’m no longer going to say that the Giants need to win certain games to […]

New York Giants’ Keys To The Game For A Victory Over Chicago Bears

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I’m not going to say that this is a must win for the New York Giants because you already know that. In one of the worst seasons for the NFC East since its inception, the Giants are only two games […]

New York Giants: Decisions By Jerry Reese That Were Devastating To The Squad

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Following the New York Giants‘ disgraceful loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, I ranted on the need for Jerry Reese to be immediately fired.  However, I’ve never explained Reese’s recent offseason decisions that evidently destroyed the Giants’ chances of being successful […]

New York Giants: After Embarrassing Loss To The Eagles, Changes Must Be Made

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For the first time since 1987, the New York Giants are 0-5. Their most recent loss was to their archrival, the Philadelphia Eagles, in which they were outplayed in the second half by Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles. In my […]

5 New York Giants Players Who Must Have A Big Game In Week 5

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New York Giants Are Officially One of the Worst Teams In NFL

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After yet another embarrassing loss, the New York Giants can officially be labeled as one of the worst teams in the NFL. Beyond the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs outplayed the Giants, they simply looked awful in every phase of […]

New York Giants Offense Must Stop Being Predictable

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I believe the New York Giants‘ offensive line is going to recover from last week’s embarrassment. I know they are going to do everything in their power to stop the vicious defensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs that will be […]