Replacement Refs: NFL Facebook Page Censors Horrible Ending in Seattle Seahawks Win Over the Green Bay Packers


  The NFL needed something to blow up in a collosal way for Roger Goodell to wake the heck up and get rid of these scab replacement officials. After the Monday Night game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, we may finally get our […]

Tim Tebow Speaks Out About His Potential Political Career After Football

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

In this week’s installment of caring way too much about a backup quarterback, we have learned New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has not ruled out a career in politics after his NFL days are behind him. Tebow had this to say on ESPN New York regarding […]

Jay Cutler Is The Epicenter For Ignorant Opinions


Normally, I don’t like writing about the NFL because debates are strictly opinionated. Unlike baseball, the game I love and follow almost religiously, football really doesn’t have a whole lot of tangible numbers that reflect exactly how good a player is. That […]

Vernon Davis Is Good At Football, Not Basketball


The San Francisco 49ers are taking it to the Green Bay Packers as I’m writing this. Only one of the top two teams in the NFC last season decided to show up, with the 49ers taking a 23-7 lead early in the […]

Greg Jennings Stars in a New Old Spice Commercial


Make no question about it, the Green Bay Packers aren’t shy when it comes to advertising. Last season, we saw Aaron Rodgers spam our airwaves with his “discount double-checks”, with teammates BJ Raji and Clay Matthews chipping in as the season went […]

NFL Plans to Use Replacement Referees for Week One of the Regular Season


This is my nightmare! The NFL has forgone conventional wisdom and elected to use replacement referees for week one of the regular season. As we all know, the league has been using these replacement referees during the preseason games, causing […]

Tim Tebow: The NFL’s Biggest Lightning Rod Turns 25 Today


New York Jets‘ quarterback Tim Tebow is celebrating a special day, with the media lightning rod turning 25 today. Athletes have birthdays every day, but according to ESPN this is the equivalent of Jesus Christ’s birthday (pun intended). I haven’t watched ESPN today, […]

Charles Tillman Fires Back at Math Teacher for Anti-Chicago Bears Problems


Charles Tillman has been a part of the Chicago Bears his whole career. Charles Tillman is one of those playmaker defensive backs that forces turnovers, most notably forcing fumbles. In fact, I can think of two games in the Chicago […]

Tim Tebow Mocked and Called Lolo By His Teammates


There is no doubt New York Jets’ QB Tim Tebow is a lightning rod for attention. One of the many reasons Tim Tebow is so popular is because of his religion, which in turn leads to his virginity. Tim Tebow’s […]

Jonathan Vilma Is Suing Roger Goodell for Defamation of Character


New Orleans Saints’ linebacker Jonathan Vilma is sick of being on the defensive side in this whole bounty scandal, so now he’s going on the offensive. Jonathan Vilma is suing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation of character, claming that Roger Goodell has […]

Nick Mangold Gets His Chest Waxed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

On most occasions, I know exactly what I want to say before writing an article. However, in the case of witnessing New York Jets’ center Nick Mangold getting his chest waxed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I really don’t […]

Tim Tebow Gets 30-Minute E! Television Special This Summer


You know you have made it big time when E! is getting in on the action. New York Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow is getting his own E! special this summer, in what I presume will be a True Hollywood Story. […]