Russell Wilson, The Super Bowl’s Forgotten Quarterback

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There have been a parade of young quarterbacks who have made their impact in the NFL over the last few years. Robert Griffin III might have the most notoriety, Andrew Luck may have changed the fortune of his franchise the […]

The Super Bowl Is No Holiday For Peyton Manning

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You can’t deny it, even if you are not an NFL football fan of any sort. The fact of the matter is that the Super Bowl has very much become an unofficial national holiday. If you do happen to work […]

5 Reasons Why Richard Sherman Won Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day


Super Bowl 2014: Denver Broncos Have Some Great Stories

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One of the great things about following sports is the human interest aspect. It seems as though every team has those players who have a unique story to tell, and these stories come even more into focus when they play […]

An Unforgettable Gut Punch For Kansas City Chiefs

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When you are a sports fan and your team makes it into the playoffs, there are times where they can provide unbelievable moments of joy and it can be one of the best feelings in the world. Then there are […]

New England Patriots Got The Shaft, But Should Have Played Better

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The New England Patriots lost their Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers on the last play of the game with no time left on a very controversial call. There is no mistaking that the Patriots got robbed on that last […]

Just Who Does Greg Schiano Think He Is?

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Greg Schiano ran Josh Freeman out of Tampa Bay. In NFL history, there have been many of times where the head coach and the quarterback did not get along. The component that was different in this circumstance is that it […]

Denver Broncos: What Was Von Miller Thinking?

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The story was broken today that Von Miller, who is suspended for violating the NFL‘s substance abuse policy, tried to switch his urine sample with another person’s. The Denver Broncos‘ linebacker had the help of a collector and got pretty close […]

New England Patriots Should Be Concerned With Trent Richardson Trade

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The New England Patriots must have gotten a little sick to their stomachs when they heard the news: one of their biggest and strongest competitors just got a lot better. New England looks to be losing weapons left and right with Wes […]

Philadelphia Eagles Need A Mobile Backup Quarterback

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Finally, we have gotten a good look at Chip Kelly and his Philadelphia Eagles offense. So what did we see? Well, there weren’t any formations that were too crazy. The offensive line wasn’t defying gravity. Nothing earth-shattering like that. What we […]

Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles Each Unveiling Mysteries On Monday Night

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The NFL season has just completed its first week with two games left on the Week 1 schedule. It seems like the game that has received the most hype is the Monday night showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington […]

Tim Tebow: Not As Great As Everyone Thinks

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You know, Tim Tebow really isn’t a good quarterback. Now, before you start thinking that this writer must be totally clueless, and how on earth did this moron ever get hired, let me explain. I am a baseball writer first, […]