Rumor: Indianapolis Colts’ Dwight Freeney to the New York Jets for Draft Picks


It is rumored that the Indianapolis Colts are working on a deal that would send Dwight Freeney to the New York Jets for a third round pick, which was tweeted here: [blackbirdpie id="178975759774392320"]   If this information is true, a few things […]

Like St. Louis; Indianapolis Colts Should Trade Their No.1 Pick


At this time in the off season, each team is getting their draft information together. They usually are working through pro days and conducting their interviews. As we all know, the draft is one pick at a time so the […]

Indianapolis Colts, Much Like the 2008 Detroit Lions, Have Hills to Climb


It was in Green Bay and the weather was very cold as the Detroit Lions walked off the field in defeat. This wasn’t just a normal loss, it was a loss; that will stay in the mind of any sports […]

Indianapolis Colts Latest Change – Cap Casualities


The sad realization in sports is that players get cut before they are ready; either because you want to make playing time for younger players, or because some players cost too much. This afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts cut ties with 5 veteran […]

Indianapolis Colts Willing to Trade Dwight Freeney; Proves Rebuilding is in Session

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Many people thought with the changes that have happened so far with coaches, front office, and players, including long-time Colt Peyton Manning, that it wasn’t the end; they were right. It is reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Indianapolis […]

2012 NFL Free Agency: Peyton Manning May Be Hiding Something


It’s been just over 24 hours since Peyton Manning was put on the waiver wire, and already he has teams contacting his agent Tom Condon. At first there were 12 teams interested in Manning – per sources, it has now […]

Indianapolis Colts Getting a Workhorse in Andrew Luck


One true sign to see if someone will achieve greatness, and become a champion is to find them in the off-season. Watch what they do, how they act, and most importantly where they spend most of their days. When everyone is having […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Jim Irsay Must Sign Kyle Orton


With Peyton Manning out of the picture completely now, let’s examine what the Indianapolis Colts need for their football team. If Jim Irsay and the Colts learned anything from last year, it was that depth was their problem. This off-season, that has […]

Despite The Changes Dwight Freeney Wants to Remain an Indianapolis Colt


The Indianapolis Colts are changing everything that we are used to seeing. The general manager, the coaches, and now the quarterback are all gone. There have been many casualties, and some players do not want to go anywhere. Dwight Freeney is a […]

Curtis Painter Missed the Memo; Indianapolis Colts Drafting Andrew Luck


Once in a while you run by a story or a news headline that mentions something you laugh aloud to. Well, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Curtis Painter has created that story for us. After the heartbreaking press conference where Jim Irsay informed the world […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Jim Irsay a Class Act With Peyton Manning Decision


There have been many breakups in the NFL between players and organizations as discussed here:  Top 10 NFL Breakups; All Good Things Must Come To an End. At the end of all these relationships between players and owners, 9 out […]

Indianapolis Colts Start Reloading, Not Rebuilding Process


Tomorrow is the day that the era of Peyton Manning as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts will end officially. Let us take a look into the future. The Indianapolis Colts have the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft and all […]