Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Norv Turner To Be New Offensive Coordinator?

Norv Turner

The stars might be aligning for the Baltimore Ravens as their current offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell is set to interview with the Detroit Lions and perhaps a few other teams as well. After taking the place of Cam Cameron, who was fired three […]

2014 Schedule Will Be Favorable For Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

For the first time since the 2007 season, the Baltimore Ravens will be watching the start of the NFL playoffs on the couch. One silver lining you could look at is that it will provide a slightly easier schedule next year. […]

5 Reasons The Cincinnati Bengals Don’t Have What It Takes

Cincinnati Bengals H-Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

2013 Couldn’t Have Worked Out Any Better For Baltimore Ravens In The Long Term

Justin Tucker

Earlier today I wrote a piece on how Baltimore Ravens fans should be happy they missed the playoffs in 2013. Yes, the article is in that link and you should definitely read that before you continue on. I’ll wait. Okay, […]

Fans Should Be Happy That 2013 Baltimore Ravens Didn’t Make The Playoffs

Joe Flacco

Yeah, you read that headline right. After the Baltimore Ravens 34-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, that knocked them out of playoff contention, I was bummed out for all of five seconds. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, […]

Baltimore Ravens Game Prediction: Week 17 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens

Week 17 doesn’t get any bigger for the Baltimore Ravens as they take on the AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens need to win and have either the Miami Dolphins or San Diego Chargers lose to secure the last Wild Card spot. […]

5 Baltimore Ravens Who Must Step Up vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Raven Defense

Baltimore Ravens Can’t Hold Anything Back Against Cincinnati Bengals

Tyrod Taylor

Let me take you back to great time in the mid-to-late 90s. It was a time when Adam Sandler was still funny. In thinking about the upcoming contest for the Baltimore Ravens as they take on the Cincinnati Bengals, I keep […]

Indianapolis Colts Would Be Ideal Playoff Opponent For Baltimore Ravens

Andrew Luck

The Baltimore Ravens have a challenging task this Sunday if they hope to get back to the playoffs for the sixth straight year. In order to accomplish that feat the Ravens must beat the Cincinnati Bengals and have either the […]

Are The Baltimore Ravens Better Off Missing The Playoffs In 2013?

Baltimore Ravens

I know, I know, I’m nuts for even posing this question, but is it something to think about? It will be if the Baltimore Ravens don’t take care of business next week and don’t get a little help. The situation, as […]

John Harbaugh Makes Strange Decision In 4th Quarter of Baltimore Ravens’ Week 16 Loss

John Harbaugh

The Baltimore Ravens suffered an embarrassing home 41-7 loss at home to the New England Patriots in Week 16. The Ravens were outcoached, outplayed, and outdone in just about every facet of this game. One thing that’s getting lost under […]

Baltimore Ravens No Longer Control Their Playoff Destiny Heading Into Week 17

Joe Flacco

The Baltimore Ravens had a huge opportunity in front of them headed into their Week 16 matchup against the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, the Ravens laid a huge Christmas-sized egg at home losing 41-7. A win for the Ravens would given them a […]