New York Jets: Underwhelming Free Agents with Underrated Value Pt 1: QB Matt Moore

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With free agency set to start with the new league year on March 12 and the New York Jets not having much, or any cap flexibility, this week will be spent previewing some cheap free agents who could still help […]

Do the New York Jets Really Think Tebow Has Trade Value?

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Even when the New York Jets are trying to get rid of Tim Tebow, they still try to hold on to him as long as they can. The Jets will reportedly try to shop Tebow around to teams in a trade […]

Is Any New York Jet Worth the Franchise Tag?

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With free agency in the NFL quickly approaching, many teams are starting the effort to re-sign their own impending free agents. In some cases when a long-term deal can’t be struck, the team will use the franchise tag as a […]

Signing Ahmad Bradshaw Would Be A Mistake For New York Jets

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Recently released running back Ahmad Bradshaw has vocalized interest in playing for the New York Jets. After getting cut by the New York Giants,  the Jets would give Bradshaw a new home while allowing him to stay home. The Jets are […]

The New York Jets Need to Take “Best Player Available” Approach in Draft

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With both the Super Bowl and Senior Bowl passing us, it has officially become mock draft season all across the internet. As the NFL Scouting Combine approaches in the coming weeks, prospective rookies’ draft stocks will rise and fall with how […]

What Positions Don’t the New York Jets Need to Upgrade?

New York Jets Guards

As the official start to the NFL offseason approaches, most teams are deep into the process of figuring out how to improve their rosters. Some teams have an easier job than others because of less obvious holes. The New York Jets don’t seem […]

Examining the Future of the New York Jets’ Offensive Line

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The offensive line of the New York Jets was somewhat of an enigma during the 2012 NFL season. Depending on what statistics you look at or where you get those stats from, the Jets offensive line was somewhere between really […]

New York Jets Don’t Value Contractual Value

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When many teams in professional sports have been searching for value in contracts, the New York Jets haven’t been able to find it. This has made the Jets the equivalent of Apple Maps to the Google Maps of teams like […]

Darrelle Revis Is A Luxury, Not A Building Block for New York Jets

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The New York Jets have discussed, at least internally, the possibility of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis. This has left many fans and media members to wonder why the Jets would consider trading away their best player. Revis is one of—if […]