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Dave Daniels

Michigan Rumors: Mike Shanahan to Be New HC?

Mike Shanahan may have a desire to coach the Michigan Wolverines, but is the job even open? Brady Hoke hopes not. Read More

Indiana Pacer Fans Have A Hard-Knock Life

If you're an Indiana Pacers fan, you've probably experienced at least one of these following things. Read More

5 Reasons Why Alex Rodriguez's Comeback Will Fail

Here's why will Alex Rodriguez be a mess in his return for the New York Yankees. Read More

Jameis Winston Could Not Be This Stupid, Right?

Jameis Winston has been a part of some foolish things in the past, but he would have to be a complete moron to get involved in point-shaving. Read More

Cowboys Should've Let Tony Romo Stay Stateside

The Dallas Cowboys made a huge blunder in bringing Tony Romo to London. He could get injured again, as a result. Read More

Cuban Smart to Admit Error in Letting Nash Go

Mark Cuban has finally come clean and admitted that letting Steve Nash walk away was his biggest mistake as an owner. See why it's a great thing to see someone in his position admit a mistake. Read More

LeBron James Should Continue Showing Patience

LeBron James may feel the urge to stop passing and start taking over games, but patience is his clearest path to a title. Read More

Top 5 Overreactions To Wizards' First Week

The Washington Wizards are not a team to be trifled with in the Eastern Conference, but these five claims may still be overreactions. Read More

Top 5 Overreactions To Rockets' First Week

The Houston Rockets have been red-hot to start the season, and the whole city can appropriately overreact to five main things. Read More

Top 5 Overreactions To Thunder's First Week

The Oklahoma City Thunder could have real problems after losing Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, and here are five overreactions to their subpar week. Read More