QB Michael Vick’s Dynasty Comments Optimistic, But Not Realistic

Altered Michael Vick Week 3 Article

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Vince Young, once talked of how the Eagles were going to be this dream team of players who would be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.  On the fast track to 4-12, last […]

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Jersey Incident Symbolizes Team’s New Beginning

Altered Colts Week 3 Article

With the first preseason game not so far away, now, there are many important things to take care of.  Getting in good team practices is at a premium and there’s so little time to figure out what needs improved and […]

Kansas City Chiefs Should Explore Avenues Leading to WR Wes Welker

Altered Wes Welker Week 3 Article

People love to say it.  “This guy reminds me of [New England Patriots WR] Wes Welker” and “that guy is like a poor man’s Welker.”  For many years, Welker has been a model WR and  has served as the gold […]

Kansas City Chiefs Concrete QB Matt Cassel a Component of Cause for Concern

Altered Quarterback Comp Week 3 Article

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said something interesting recently.  He said, in reference to his backup quarterback, Chase Daniel, that if a backup quarterback isn’t constantly visualizing himself as the starter, he doesn’t belong in the NFL.  I agree […]

Welcome to the Media World, Santonio Holmes

Altered Santonio Holmes Week 2 Article

“So if the New York media wants to be a part of our team and wants to continue writing about us, write positive things. Stay away from the negative. Because it doesn’t do anything good for our team that you […]

Kansas City Chiefs Should be in Win-Now Mode

Altered Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 Article

It’s that time of year again.  Training camps are open, the season is only about a month away, and helicopters currently circle the media darling Denver Broncos of the AFC West.  While everyone is distracted by the Peyton Manning-palooza going […]

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Says St. Joe Could be a No-Go? I Thought So

Altered Dwayne Bowe Week 2 Article

“My question would be where the motivation to play better would come from.  The Chiefs just basically told him that they don’t think he’s worth the investment and that they’re not going to spend that type of money on him.” […]

Tebow Time: Coming Soon to a New York Jets Franchise Near You

Altered Tim Tebow Week 1 Article

Lofty expectations had been the name of the game for years with the New York Jets.  When head coach Rex Ryan took over, he spoke of his team being in Super Bowl contention on a regular basis, with anything less […]

Chicago Bears Season Brings Some Challenges, Looks Promising

Altered Jay Cutler Article 1

“I’m full go for everything, so I won’t be missing anything.”  Man, doesn’t linebacker Brian Urlacher strike you as a guy who plays for the love of the game?  The guy is a trooper, I mean, it’s not easy coming […]

Discussing Ways the Kansas City Chiefs Can be Successful Aside From QB Matt Cassel, Injuries

Altered Matt Cassel Week 1 Article

Question time:  What are the two most common responses people give when they’re asked about what it’ll take for a team to succeed in the upcoming season?  “Well, if (insert quarterback name here) can be productive, I think we have […]

The Future of the Pittsburgh Steelers Rests in the Hands of the Explosive OC Todd Haley

Altered Todd Haley Week 1 Article

“…I don’t ever put any pressure on my line because just as many of my sacks are my fault as they are anybody’s.”  Well, some things never change.  For a guy that’s been sacked so much, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben […]

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Matt Flynn Should be the Clear-Cut Starter

Altered Matt Flynn Week 1 Article

It was January 1, 2012.  The Green Bay Packers had long since secured their playoff spot.  Packers quarterback,  Aaron Rodgers, watched his backup, Matt Flynn, lead the troops through a high-flying battle to an eventual, and shocking, victory against the […]