Mocking the NFL Draft, Because the Coverage is Ridiculous

NFLdraft Kirby Lee

Did you know that the NFL draft starts tonight? Have you seen more mock drafts than beer drafts over the past two weeks? Did you know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have already been committed to their selected […]

Rant: Dear Tebow-maniacs, Please Leave Denver

Tebow! Ron Chenoy

Dear Tebow-maniacs, Please leave Denver. This will be my last correspondence on this issue. I have heard you talk about intangibles for the last two years. I have heard you praise Tebow as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the […]

Elway or Tebow, Who’s Telling the Truth?

Tim Tebow  David Butler II

Did Tim Tebow lie? Or is John Elway trying to save face? In their final showdown, that question appears to be up in the air. Yesterday was sundown for Tebow in Blue and Orange. He went to the New York […]

How John Elway Convinced Peyton Manning

ElwayPeyton Ron Chenoy

Peyton Manning had his pick of destinations for the final chapter of his career, but he chose Denver, Colorado. The Mile High City has won two playoff games since their last Super Bowl before the turn of the century, but […]

Quotes From the Peyton Manning Press Conference

Manning Broncos Ron Chenoy

Dove Valley, Englewood, Colorado: The Press conference saw some 250 media members for the introduction of Peyton Manning as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Manning’s number 18-burnt orange jersey was on display. Here are some quotes from the event: […]

Denver: In Elway We Trust

John Elway Jake Roth

People are freaking out in Denver. After looking like the front runners in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the Broncos suddenly find themselves back with the pack. After an epic two day visit from Manning, the Broncos were given a glimpse, […]

Peyton Manning to Denver May Require a Home Run Hitter

Manning Brian Spurlock

The big question surrounding whether Peyton Manning would consider Denver as an option is the glaring backup quarterback situation. As Kyle Orton learned, Tebow fanatics do not take it well when their savior is on the bench. If Manning were […]

Tim Tebow is Not Better than Manning and Griffin

Tim Tebow  David Butler II

The press conference this morning that Peyton Manning is leaving Indianapolis has already generated hundreds of posts, about which teams should go after him, and will generate hundreds more until he signs. There are probably ten fan bases that will […]

How to Fix the Pro Bowl: 7-on-7

Marshall Kyle Terada

If you watched the Pro Bowl, you apparently did not enjoy it. I was unaware how bad the Pro Bowl was this year. I do know that Brandon Marshall was the MVP, which should have told me something. I also […]

Paradise by the Super Bowl’s Lights

Superbowl Matthew Emmons

The Super Bowl is the big event on the annual American sports calendar. It is the ultimate sports vacation that features commercials and entertainment to bring together a diverse American culture for one day out of the year. It is […]