Take Aways From Indianapolis Colts’ Second Preseason Game

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The Indianapolis Colts just turned in their second preseason performance. For the first time, they captured a win; however, there are many details to their solid play against their defeated opponent, the New York Giants, starting with the amazing play of […]

What if The Indianapolis Colts Had Kept Peyton Manning?

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We all know Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco. We also know why. Manning missed the entire 2011 season due to a neck injury. The Indianapolis Colts in turn had to make a hard decision. Did they give up on their future Hall of Fame quarterback […]

The Indianapolis Colts’ Biggest Weakness

Antoine Bethea

For many years, the Indianapolis Colts were a terrible run team. Now they can’t defend a pass to save their life. Last week was a testimony to this. The Colts were shredded through the air in their first preseason game. This isn’t just an […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck the Second Coming of Peyton Manning?

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Scouts, amateurs and armchair quarterbacks alike have all had one season to get a feel for the Indianapolis Colts‘ new starting quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck had an extraordinary rookie season. He set records, and is going to be the firm face of […]

Indianapolis Colts Worse Under Chuck Pagano?

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The Indianapolis Colts enter their first full season under head coach Chuck Pagano. After last week’s preseason beat down by the Buffalo Bills, the one avoided question is being begged to be asked; are the Colts worse under Chuck Pagano? If you didn’t know […]

Storylines For Indianapolis Colts’ Second Preseason Game

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The NFL is all about winning and performance. But to win, you have to first preform. The Indianapolis Colts are looking at every player on the roster and determining how well they can play, and if they can be a functional part of the team […]

How Much Better Will Indianapolis Colts Be With Ahmad Bradshaw?

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It’s been many years since the Indianapolis Colts have had a solid running game. The last superstar they had at running back was just inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame two years ago. Yes, it’s been that long. But […]

The Indianapolis Colts’ Secret Weapon

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The preseason is a time for players to come out and show coaches they are worth a spot on the football team. Chandler Harnish is definitely worth a spot. For those who aren’t aware, Chandler Harnish is the third string […]