Minnesota Vikings Make The Cleveland Browns Look Good

Bruce Kluckhohn USA TODAY Sports

Trading Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts will probably be looked at as being the equivalent of when the Dallas Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for this generation.  Ever since the trade went through I think you, […]

5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose in Week 3

Mike Vick

Chicago Bears Shame Minnesota Vikings As Jay Cutler Finally Sees the Light

Jerry Lai USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Minnesota Vikings put up an embarrassing game against the Detroit Lions when they let Reggie Bush run wild on the ground and through the air. Earlier this week, I pegged Matt Forte to shine the brightest for the […]

Chicago Bears: 5 Players Who Will Shine in Week 2

Chicago Bears: 5 Players Who Will Shine in Week 2

St. Louis Rams Are The Worst Team In The NFL

Jeff Curry USA TODAY Sports

I love head coach Jeff Fisher. I love his body of work. I love his philosophy of the game. I love his smash mouth style of play. I loved it when he signed on as the head coach of St. […]

The Buffalo Bills are the Worst Team in the NFL

Kevin Hoffman USA TODAY Sports

Outside of the loyal cadre of Buffalo Bills fans living in the Buffalo area, I’m guessing there were about four other people on the planet that felt confident about the Bills quarterback situation coming into week one. Those four people […]

The Minnesota Vikings are the Worst Team in the NFL

Andrew Weber USA TODAY Sports

In 2012 the Minnesota Vikings‘ running game featured the best running back in the game in Adrian Peterson. At the same time the Vikings’ passing offense ranked 31st in the league, just one spot better than the Kansas City Chiefs. […]

The Baltimore Ravens are the Worst Team in the NFL

Mathew Emmons USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens started the 2013 season as the defending champion that has suffered the most roster turnover since winning the Super Bowl last year. In the NFL Kickoff game they traveled to face the Denver Broncos where they were […]

New York Giants hand one to Dallas Cowboys

Mathew Emmons USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants came into their Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys looking to have the kind of statement game that would put to rest their 9-7 record in the 2012 season. The Cowboys came into the game […]

Minnesota Vikings Embarrassed By Detroit Lions

Andrew Weber USA TODAY Sports

Coming into today’s game where the Minnesota Vikings were visiting the Detroit Lions, I was expecting the talent of the Lions’ offense and the strength of their interior defensive line to exploit the question marks and weaknesses the Vikings have on […]

Minnesota Vikings: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Will Lose in Week 1

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Denver Broncos Get Revenge Over Baltimore Ravens

Ron Chenoy USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL Kickoff Game this year featured the Baltimore Ravens at the Denver Broncos. The game was a rematch of last year when the Ravens upset the Broncos in the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, where we all watched […]