Another Brett Favre comeback to the NFL in 2011?

This really is getting old, but could it be that Brett Favre will play in the NFL after all in 2011? Now it won’t be with the Minnesota Vikings, so fans can exhale. However, Charley Walters writes this morning in […]

Will the Cleveland Browns retain QB Jake Delhomme for the 2011 season?

It would seem to appear that rookie QB Colt McCoy is going to be the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns going forward, but it also seems as if the Browns are not ready to release veteran QB Jake Delhomme anytime […]

How much longer will the Washington Redskins tolerate DT Albert Haynesworth?

Have the Washington Redskins finally had enough of DT Albert Haynesworth? This week, Haynesworth was charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a road rage incident. Of course, Haynesworth’s attorney said that his client is innocent. It’s never Haynesworth’s fault for […]

DT Shaun Rogers released by the Cleveland Browns, hello Jets, Redskins?

Cleveland Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot announced via Twitter this evening that the Cleveland Browns have released several players, and DT/NT Shaun Rogers is one of those players. Rogers was in some offseason hot water last year when he […]

2010 NFL season has ended, the Cleveland Browns announce some player cuts

With the conclusion of the Super Bowl on Sunday, the 2010 season has officially ended, and the Cleveland Browns have announced some players cuts this afternoon. Any player cut by a team at this point will be free to sign […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers finish their offseason coaching moves

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have finished their offseason coaching moves by announcing that the Bucs defensive line this season will be coached by a pair of coaches. Former Minnesota Vikings player Keith Mallard and Grady Stretz will co-coach the Buccaneers […]

QB Alex Smith returning to the San Francisco 49ers? Please.

New season, new coach but it looks like it might be the same old quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, yes Alex Smith might return. Exactly, why? CSN Bay Area is reporting that 49ers new head coach Jim Harbaugh might […]

Jacksonville Jaguars owner supports an 18 game schedule

The NFL owners appear to be very unified on their stance of having an 18 game regular season and making the players earn less money, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver is one of them. The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of […]

London Calling. The NFL London game could be scrapped

The uncertainty surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement could have some serious offseason ramifications, but one casualty of an extended lockout doesn’t disturb me at all, no game played in London this season. Normally, the NFL would announce the two teams […]

Will the quarterback be a position the Detroit Lions look at in the upcoming draft?

As the NFL draft approaches, there has to be some discussion as to what the Detroit Lions are going to do with their quarterback situation. This season, the Lions carried three quarterbacks on their roster, and all three started at […]

The 5 best NFL quarterbacks under the age of 30

There has been a lot of discussions over the past 48 hours about the best young quarterback to build a team around, so I figure it’s time to weigh in on my opinion of the best five NFL quarterbacks under […]

The Detroit Lions chances of winning Super Bowl XLVI, slim

The Las Vegas online betting site has issued their initial odds for all 32 teams of winning Super Bowl XLVI, and for the Detroit Lions, the odds appear to be very slim, 50/1. Of course, to fans of the […]