Despite Sensible St. Louis Proposal, Rams Belong in Los Angeles


The chants of beat L.A. are a common occurrence in athletic competition, and it appears as if the city of St. Louis can match the Oklahoma City Thunder. The proposal from the St. Louis Rams about renovations to the Edward […]

What About Kolb? Heat Is on Arizona Cardinals Quarterback


Everyone knows about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon; the heat figures to be considerably greater on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb during the 2012 season. Kolb will be under a lot of heat to get the Cardinals back to […]

The Licht Stuff; Arizona Cardinals Find Player Personnel Director


It’s a transaction that usually goes unnoticed, but the Arizona Cardinals may have found their guiding Licht. The Cardinals hired New England Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht as their new director of player personnel on Wednesday.  As’s […]

Arizona Cardinals’ Overall Draft Grade Conservatively Good


The one thing you can say about the Arizona Cardinals’ offseason is that the organization remained true to its word. Other than the courtship of Peyton Manning, the Cardinals said they were not going to go wild pursing free agents. […]

Arizona Cardinals’ Pick Jamell Fleming Nothing To Sneeze At; Or Is It?


The Arizona Cardinals have proven yet again they are allergic to selecting offensive linemen in the NFL draft. Having passed on Iowa’s Riley Reiff, and Stanford’s David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin in the first round of the draft Thursday night […]

Arizona Cardinals Better Make Sure Michael Floyd Toy Comes With Batteries


Forget the socks; when it was time to pick up their gift from the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals went straight for the toy section. They better make sure they know how to use it properly. The Cardinals, criticized for a […]

Help the Arizona Cardinals Luke Kuechly Can


Maybe the Arizona Cardinals will “force” the issue with their first pick in the NFL draft on Thursday. General manager Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt say upgrading the overall talent will play a factor in their NFL draft strategy, […]

Reiff Would Turn Arizona Cardinals’ Levi Brown Into Wrong Superhero


It’s confirmed; Levi Brown is a superhero. The 6-foot-6, 324-pound Arizona Cardinals left tackle has proven not once but twice that he can become invisible. The first time happened during the first half of last year when opposing defensive ends […]

Reinstatement Isn’t Answer for St. Louis Rams’ Gregg Williams; Therapy Is


It’s difficult to determine who is more unprepared to deal with St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ inquiry about the steps toward reinstatement – Williams or everyone else? Williams reportedly has advisers in contact with high-ranking NFL officials to […]

Arizona Cardinals’ 2012 Schedule Prevents Slow-Start Excuses


If the Arizona Cardinals start the 2012 season with a 1-6 record, their problems will be much bigger than having to play with Kevin Kolb at quarterback. Another 8-8 season, and the lament of Cardinals fans will be heard clearly […]

Why Fume, 2K? Arizona Cardinals’ Pursuit of Manning Was Justified


To fume or not to fume; that is the question. Quarterback Kevin Kolb addressed the media Monday about the Arizona Cardinals’ pursuit of free agent Peyton Manning. Monday was the first day NFL players could participate in their respective team’s […]

Arizona Cardinals Could Easily Catch Justin Fever


We at the Rant Sports’ Arizona Cardinals home page interrupt this mock draft season to bring you the following expression of shock over a statement we saw on the internet, where everything you read you should believe: Justin Blackmon’s stock […]