Arizona Cardinals Need To Inquire About Rams’ No. 2 Pick

Kevin Kolb trade up

If you’re the Arizona Cardinals – and you know you are – it’s worth a look. The St. Louis Rams’ No. 2 pick in the NFL draft has turned into the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes, but there’s no rule (yet) […]

St. Louis Rams Now at Poker Table With RG III Pick

Where is Mike Ditka when you need him? The St. Louis Rams certainly could use him. After Robert Griffin III’s superhuman performance at the NFL combine, it’s St. Louis – not the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins or Miami Dolphins – […]

Rationale Behind Arizona Cardinals’ Courting of Peyton Manning As Iffy As His Health

Speaking of necks, Peyton Manning’s won’t be the only one sticking out if he signs with the Arizona Cardinals. If Arizona gets serious in the discussion for Manning’s services, it means the organization believes it resembles the team that finished […]