New York Jets End Season On A High As Spoilers


They say to the victor goes the spoils. Well for the New York Jets, Sunday’s win against the Miami Dolphins at SunLife Stadium was exactly that. The Dolphins had an opportunity to play their way into the playoffs over the […]

What’s Left In New York Jets’ Tank?

Rex Ryan

I just shook my head. Field goals instead of touchdowns, costly mistakes and useless play-calling — all happenings that just felt like deja vu all over again. Once again, the New York Jets faded and fell apart in typical fashion […]

New York Jets: Don’t Have A Quarterback Controversy, Fans Need Patience

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and the rest of the 2012 rookie quarterback class are as rare as the last play of the University of Alabama/Auburn University missed field goal, one in maybe a thousand. The expectations for rookie quarterbacks have […]

New York Jets May Just Be Entering Full-On Rebuild Mode

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It surely was not pretty on Sunday. In fact, I will go on record and say that I DVR-ed the game and hit fast forward more than once. As everyone plays Monday morning quarterback I like to digest my thoughts […]

New York Jets Have Much To Be Thankful For

Rex and John

I wanted to let the New York Jets‘ loss against the Baltimore Ravens marinate, rather than overreact like everyone in the media has and say that Geno Smith is not the answer, or that this team is really a bust. I don’t […]

Why a Healthy Santonio Holmes Can Truly Help New York Jets QB Geno Smith

Santonio Holmes

Sunday was a joke. Three interceptions and a forced fumble, Geno Smith looked like Mark Sanchez out there! There is hope for all my New York Jets fans, it’s Santonio Holmes. “Really?” You may ask. Well, yes, I do believe that […]

The Baffling Issue of How the New York Jets Play Up or Down to Their Competition

Geno Smith

Maybe it’s subconscious or maybe it’s lack of effort, but the New York Jets just love to toy with every fans’ emotions every single Sunday. After taking some time to swallow and digest the latest loss against the Buffalo Bills, […]

Lethargic New York Jets Can’t Prove Critics Wrong


Since Head Coach Rex Ryan took over gang green, the New York Jets are sub-.500 coming out of the bye. You would think that Week 11 would be the chance to prove everyone wrong, right? Nope. Forget the stories of […]

With Ed Reed, New York Jets’ Defense Has Shades of AFC Championship Past

Ed Reed

With the reports that Ed Reed has agreed to terms with the New York Jets, there have comments left and right. If you look at this from a football perspective, it’s a low-risk, high-reward move for Gang Green. The Jets […]

New York Jets QB Geno Smith’s Accuracy Can’t Be Judged Yet


Sunday marked the New York Jets‘ fifth victory of the season, and it also marked Geno Smith‘s fifth win. As a rookie Geno has ridden the wave of his team. When Smith does not produce neither do the Jets (and […]

Why New York Jets’ Defensive Line is Rex Ryan’s Masterpiece

Jets D Line

Pressure was the name of the game on Sunday. In a very surprising win, the now 5-4 New York Jets took the field at MetLife Stadium with one goal in mind: shake up Drew Brees. The New Orleans Saints QB was […]

Why New York Jets kicker Nick Folk is the Team’s MVP

Nick Folk

As the New York Jets walked out of MetLife Stadium Sunday, they knew they had exceeded everyone’s expectations. With a 5-4 mark, and wins over the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and most recently the New Orleans Saints, the Jets […]