New York Jets Would Still Be In Playoff Hunt With Roger Goodell’s Harebrained Proposal


Even though NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez has been bumbling, stumbling and butt fumbling his way through the entire season, backup Tim Tebow has seen limited action; and probably saved the team a few bucks on his salary.  Rob Foldy […]

New England Patriots Near Comeback Brings Back Memories Of Joe Montana


    During the fourteenth game of the regular season in 1980, the San Francisco 49ers (5-8) hosted the winless New Orleans Saints at Candlestick Park.  Other than the QB Archie Manning led “Aints” being expected to lose their fourteenth […]

NFL Primetime Football Follies Continues Its Run As Bengals Thrash Eagles


    Seriously, who is the NFL kidding when they say the Thursday night football games are not putting more significant risk on the players?  The horrific product on the field tells another story, as once again both teams looked […]

NFL Scheme To Add Playoff Teams Is A Cash Grab


    Right on cue, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced he is considering expanding the current league’s playoff system from twelve teams to fourteen, or even sixteen.  As with his mentally challenged idea to boot the kickoff, Goodell is […]

Alarming Decrease In Longevity Of Pricey Modern Sports Stadiums

Atlanta Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant after game at Georgia Dome in Atlanta

    There was a time when sports stadiums had a longer lifespan than most human beings, even though they were built at a time when there were fewer advancements in construction and engineering.  With taxpayer funded stadiums today, the […]

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Would Prefer Two Hand Tuck League


    Very few NFL players have received more preferential treatment and favoritism by the league than New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.  The league has bent over backwards to accommodate a signal-caller who is better suited for a two hand touch […]

Patriots Skewering Of 11-1 Texans Reminiscent Of Another Monday Night Meltdown

Houston Texans RB James Casey

    After eleven games of the 1986 NFL season, the New York Jets were cruising at high altitude with a 10-1 record (best in the league), having won nine games in a row.  For the first time in their […]

NFL Tragedies Bring Domestic Abuse, Impaired Driving Issues To Forefront


While NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is bemusing fans with his enigmatic suggestion to eliminate the iconic kickoff, the league has unwittingly been entangled in two profound societal issues which are epidemic in nature: domestic abuse and impaired driving.  One hopes […]

NFL Fans In Toronto Reluctant To Dish Out Big Bills

Fans for Buffalo Bills

    Sunday marks the fifth regular season game since 2008 that the Buffalo Bills will play in Toronto’s Rogers Centre, when they face the Seattle Seahawks. The annual NFL Bills game in Toronto has not exactly been an overwhelming […]

Dallas Cowboys NT Josh Brent Makes Fatal Decision


    Exactly one week to the day, tragic circumstances once again strike at the heart of the NFL.  This time it is deep in the heart of Texas. Dallas Cowboys NT Josh Brent was driving intoxicated in Irving, TX when […]

NY Jets Soft Schedule Accentuates Struggles Of Mark Sanchez

New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

    New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez has been granted a free pass by some followers this season due to not having the best offensive unit in the game to work with. Far from it, actually. However, this excuse for Sanchez is […]

New York Giants QB Eli Manning Lucky To Be Elite


If there is one word which gets thrown around today more often and irresponsibly than any other in the sports world, it is the word elite.  Who it applies to and why is something which is as completely subjective as […]