QB Controversey in Jacksonville? Not Impossible.

Jaguar Quarterbacks David Garrard & Luke McCown

Jaguars’ Quarterback David Garrard put up great numbers last night during the Jags win agains the Buccaneers….wait  for  it… B U T, his performance in the red zone was lackluster at best.  Garrard was 24  of 30 for 211 yards, which on […]

Preseason, We Talking Bout the Preseason!

I’ve already seen some reports, Jags still don’t have a pass rush, Garrard is average, McCown is an all pro. SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE! It’s the first game of the preseason, which tells me all I need to know. My point […]

The Future of the Garrard-Del Rio Administration Could Be Decided This Season!


2010 may indeed be the season that determines the fate of the Jacksonville Jaguar’s two main men- QB David Garrad & Head Coach Jack Del Rio. The Jags have a great deal of momentum heading into this season including an enthusiastic, […]

Dear Jacksonville: Yes We Can! Now is the Time to Change our Culture-Once & for All!

First things first…Rookie Defensive Tackle and first round draft pick Tyson Alualu has officially signed a 5 year-28 M contract (17.5 million guaranteed) with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Alualu has been in Jacksonville for less than 24 hours and already the air […]