Kansas City Chiefs May Have the Perfect Team to Win AFC

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Let’s be honest for a second. To win the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs will likely need to beat the Denver Broncos. So, the Chiefs’ 7-0 start means nothing if they cannot win that game. They might actually have the […]

Should The New York Giants Trade Hakeem Nicks?

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Should the New York Giants trade Hakeem Nicks? It depends. While that answer isn’t great, it’s true. The New York Giants should only make the Hakeem Nicks trade if they can really get back value, but the likely case is […]

The San Diego Chargers Are Surprisingly In The Playoff Hunt

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The San Diego Chargers took care of business at home against the Indianapolis Colts, and moved themselves into position to make a run for the playoffs. They did it by stopping the Colts on third down and converting their own […]

5 Possible Trades For New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks

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Dallas Cowboys Get the Win, But Show Weaknesses

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The Dallas Cowboys got a much needed win to put themselves in a tie for the division lead. That sounds like a team who should be elated and confident going forward. However, even while Dallas got the win, they showed […]

Kansas City Chiefs Showing They Are Super Bowl Contenders

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The Kansas City Chiefs did exactly what they were supposed to do: destroy a bad team. Good teams win games they are supposed to, and great teams dominate games they are supposed to win. The Denver Broncos have been doing […]

Chicago Bears Shouldn’t Get Comfortable Atop NFC North

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The Chicago Bears are 4-2, sitting atop the NFC North looking down at the Green Bay Packers. They must be a top team, right? Well, not so fast. This is certainly a good team; they have taken care of business […]

Don’t Blame Matt Ryan; Atlanta Falcons’ Early Struggles are Because of the Defense

Dale Zanine

The Atlanta Falcons were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. Now it looks like a long shot for them to make the playoffs. Because of how the media does things this will of course be blamed partially on Matt Ryan. […]

New York Giants’ Jon Beason Trade is an Admission of a Mistake

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Jerry Reese let Chase Blackburn and Michael Boley go last offseason, but now he regrets it. His current trade for Jon Beason proves it too. In some ways it was a very New York Giants move. The Giants let two […]

Are New York Giants Better Off with Chris Snee Going on IR?

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It’s been a tough year for every New York Giants offensive linemen, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Chris Snee was elected as a captain and expected to be a leader of the offensive line. He had held […]

Is Jerry Reese to Blame for New York Giants’ Offensive Line Issues?

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Labeling blame in football is hard. Sometimes bad play is players not playing to their talent, sometimes they are coached poorly or have a bad scheme, and sometimes they were simply overvalued by the GM. Furthermore, injuries are hard to […]

Is a Good Run Game Necessary for New York Giants?

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The New York Giants used to be all about the run. In 2007, the Giants used a relatively strong running game to get them through the playoffs and then rode a top run offense in 2008 to go 12-4. Both […]