RG3 Runs A 4.41 40 Yard Dash And Has A 38” Vertical: Should The Browns Give This Man The Keys To Cleveland?


With the amazing stats that Robert Griffin the Third just put up at the NFL combine, he might be the most athletic quarterback NFL scouts have seen since Michael Vick. His best 40 yard dash time? 4.38 seconds. That’s BLAZING […]

NFL Free Agency 2012: Which Free Agent Should The Cleveland Browns Try To Sign?


The Cleveland Browns’ front office have made it clear that they want to build this team through the draft, addressing their needs with young athletes that have bright futures. In last year’s offseason, the Browns stuck to their guns by […]

Why Drafting a Franchise Quarterback Is More Important Than Upgrading The Offensive Line For The Cleveland Browns

There has been a ton of discussion this offseason over who the Cleveland Browns should draft in 2012. The most popular vote, Robert Griffin III, has become a very polarizing pick among Browns fans and media, and understandably so; RG3 […]

Brad Childress Will Positively Impact The Cleveland Browns For Years To Come

On January 27th the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress as offensive coordinator. Childress was a successful assistant coach in the NFL before he was hired as Minnesota’s head guy, and is hoping […]

Why The Cleveland Browns’ Defensive Line Should Make Us Hopeful In 2012

The 2011 Cleveland Browns draft picks were met with mixed reviews, but were selected based on one key need for the Browns in 2011: the defensive line. Two of the top draft picks, Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard, were able […]

Will Greg Little Ever Live Up To The Big-Play Potential That The Browns Saw In Him On Draft Day?

Over the past few drafts the Cleveland Browns have done a great job of pleasantly surprising us with selections that we haven’t heard much about but have eye-popping college highlights. TJ Ward was the first to impress me with his monstrous hits […]

Is Pat Shurmur The Right Fit As Head Coach For The Cleveland Browns? Only Time Will Tell

Pat Shurmur is a good football coach. He has to be to get a job as a head coach in the NFL. There are great football minds across the country that can only dream of coaching the finely-tuned athletic machines […]

Should The Cleveland Browns Follow The Current NFL Trend And Attempt To Develop A “Super” Tight End In The Next Few Years?

Watching this years NFL playoff games, you can’t help but notice the latest NFL trend of utilizing the “Super Ends”; tight ends that are too big and athletic for safeties and outside linebackers to cover. You may have heard of […]

Will Holmgren, Heckert, & Shurmur make the Browns NFL Contenders? They Just Need a Little Faith

It’s tough being a Cleveland fan. Everyone knows of the sad love story, the 48 year championship drought, the long stretches of inconsistency. Yet each generation of Cleveland fan seems to feel that they are destined to witness at least […]