To Get Chip Kelly’s Quarterback Of The Future, Philadelphia Eagles Are Better Off Losing

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With a five-year contract in his back pocket, the typically impatient and hurried Chip Kelly has a few years to turn the Philadelphia Eagles into an elite NFL team. Entering his first year as the Birds’ headman, the biggest question was who the signal caller would […]

Howie Roseman Is The Biggest Problem For Philadelphia Eagles

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All successful businesses need strong and competent leadership. A professional football team is no different, needing a knowledgeable and savvy personnel executive with NFL experience. If the Philadelphia Eagles are to win a Super Bowl, Howie Roseman needs to be unseated […]

The Honeymoon Is Over For Chip Kelly In Philadelphia

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The consummate bachelor, Chip Kelly has long had the reputation for being married to football. Since arriving in Philadelphia, the passionate Eagles’ fan base has stood by its pledge of patience as the rebuilding project begins. However, only a quarter […]

Why Philadelphia Eagles Can Beat Denver Broncos On Sunday

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Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick Faces Career-Defining Game On Sunday

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Michael Vick will spend the rest of his life trying to prove to the world that his troubled past is behind him and that he is a reformed person and a quality human being. Vick will spend Sunday afternoon trying […]

James Casey: The Philadelphia Eagles’ $12 Million Ghost


After Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman successfully wooed Chip Kelly from the University of Oregon, the first big move the dynamic duo made was signing former Houston Texans tight end James Casey as a free agent. The pen used […]

Rebuilding Philadelphia Eagles Still Have Hope In Weak NFC East

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly’s first year at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles has consisted of a complete organizational overhaul. Typically, upheaval like the Birds have experienced would lower playoff expectations, however, the horrendously non-competitive NFC East gives Eagles fans hope. With […]

Home Field Is Disadvantage For Philadelphia Eagles

Lincoln Financial Field

Home field advantage is something NFL teams play for all season as they try to solidify their playoff chances. For the Philadelphia Eagles, the playoffs are not really on their radar, and that is partly due to their play at […]

Vinny Curry One Of Few Defensive Bright Spots For Philadelphia Eagles

Vinny Curry

If you were to ask Philadelphia Eagles fans what play in football they enjoy most, many would say the quarterback sack. With Philly legends like Reggie White and Hugh Douglas only a memory, the organization has been looking for a true […]

NFL Needs To End Thursday Night Football Experiment

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The NFL is a money making machine. Through a superior product and masterful marketing, football has truly become America’s pastime in the last couple of decades.  Surpassing baseball and the other two major American sports, the added revenue stream of […]

Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Keys To Beating Kansas City Chiefs

Chip Kelly

Former Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid Deserves More Appreciation From City Than Ben Franklin

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Opposites attract. Subsequently, it would make sense that those with similar traits could create friction. In the case of Andy Reid and the city of Philadelphia, an argument could be made that Reid was just too Philly-like for Philly to […]