New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Miami Dolphins Win in Week 13

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I hate the Miami Dolphins. That’s not to say I also don’t hate the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. But when it comes to Buffalo I have a kind of pity and New England a kind of respect. Or, […]

Joe McKnight Arrest Inconsequential, Non-Factor for New York Jets’ 2013 Season

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Last week New York Jets running back Joe McKnight was arrested for a handful of trivial actions, including changing lanes without signaling and failure to produce his insurance card. Today my colleague Debby Wong wrote about how this recent development […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Baltimore Ravens Grounded in Week 12

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We all remember the profound storylines of this past year’s Super Bowl. We remember the tears in Ray Lewis‘ eyes and the grin on Joe Flacco‘s face. It was a great day in Baltimore Ravens history to say the least. […]

New York Jets Season Preview: Wagons Circled in Week 11


A few weeks ago in this season preview series, I predicted that the New York Jets would beat the Buffalo Bills in their first match-up. That will be the last time they do so in 2013. I do have faith […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Numbers at the Bye Give Hope

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Well, here we are. We have made it through the first nine games of the season, and the New York Jets are looking colder than beyond the wall (yes, I just made a Game of Thrones reference — deal with […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: New Orleans Saints Come Marching In For Week 9

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Finally, we have arrived to the last of the dreaded “F.S.P.B.S.” stretch of the season for the New York Jets. In Week 9, Gang Green will need only to face the New Orleans Saints before reaching their bye week and […]

New York Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Should Get Demoted To Defensive Coordinator, Not Axed

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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been in the news lately, and not in a good way (as per usual). Recent news outlets have reported that Ryan is — and primarily has always been — preoccupied with the […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Crash in Week 8

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Continuing my predictions for the New York Jets 2013 season, we will now dive head-first into week eight, where the up-and-coming Cincinnati Bengals will be waiting for them. And by waiting, I mean crouching, ready to pounce. Even though I am a Jets fan, […]

New York Jets’ Geno Smith Already Making Mistakes

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New York Jets quaterback Geno Smith has been in training camp a total of two days, and has made two mistakes. One, he is taking advice from Mark Sanchez, and two, he is TAKING ADVICE FROM MARK SANCHEZ. According to […]

New York Jets Training Camp: Why Is Dee Milliner Late To The Party?

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The New York Jets started training camp yesterday in Cortland, NY. As a fan, I am bursting at the seams with joy and cannot help but get excited for the season, if only to see what the Jets can do. […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Failed Vengeance in Week 7

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I previously predicted that the New York Jets would fail in Week 2 against the New England Patriots. When it comes to divisional games, the two teams usually split their two game for the season as they know each other very well. This […]

New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Upset in Week Six

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No New York Jets fans can forget the beating that was the first half of the 2010 AFC Championship game. The Pittsburgh Steelers put the game away early, and therefore I had more time to wallow before going to sleep […]