Final Score Not Indicative of New York Jets’ Performance in Second Preseason Game


The New York Jets got their first preseason win since 2011 on Saturday night, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars in what would look to be a convincing victory on paper. But the Jets’ performance was far from convincing. The second and […]

New York Jets Training Camp Profile: Ryan Spadola

Ryan Spadola

It’s no secret that the New York Jets aren’t particularly deep at wide receiver this year. With Santonio Holmes‘ health in serious question, Braylon Edwards may be the only proven veteran left on the receiving corps. The Jets are hoping that […]

New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez Closer To Securing Starting QB Job


During the New York Jets‘ first preseason offensive series, Mark Sanchez threw a bad interception that was returned for a touchdown by Ezekiel Ansah. Sanchez clearly should have thrown the ball into the ground and taken an incompletion on the slow-developing […]

New York Jets’ First Preseason Game Would Be Great Opportunity To Test Geno Smith


The quarterback competition is in full throttle at New York Jets training camp. All eyes are on Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, with spectators constantly searching for a sign that one has surpassed the other in the hunt for the […]

New York Jets Training Camp: 5 Players To Watch Closely


John Idzik Undermining Rex Ryan’s Authority About New York Jets’ Quarterback Controversy?

Rex Ryan and John Idzik

There never seems to be a shortage of stories for the New York Jets. When GM John Idzik was asked about the quarterback controversy between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith at the beginning of training camp, he insisted that the decision of who […]

New York Jets’ Dee Milliner is Wasting Valuable Training Camp Days

Dee Milliner

The New York Jets probably thought that they were done dealing with cornerback contract disputes at least for a while. But ironically, the man who was supposedly drafted to replace Darelle Revis is having some contract issues of his own. Dee […]

New York Jets’ Week 1 Matchup With Tampa Bay Buccaneers is Less Than Favorable

Metlife Stadium

The matchup between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a lopsided history. In 10 all-time meetings the Jets have won nine times, four of which by 20 points or more. But in the 2013 season opener, which will be Darelle Revis‘ first […]

New York Jets Can’t Afford Any More Major Injuries As Training Camp Goes On

Santonio Holmes

With season-ending injuries to Jeremy Maclin and Dennis Pitta occurring on Saturday, teams around the NFL were reminded that training camp injuries can derail any coach’s plans for the regular season. Losing a key player for the year after a collision with […]

What’s the Deal With New York Jets’ Joe McKnight?

Joe McKnight

When the New York Jets drafted Joe McKnight in 2010, they were hopeful that they would be getting a young and talented running back capable of producing at the professional level. They even traded up 12 spots to ensure that McKnight’s […]

Why Haven’t the New York Jets Acquired A Veteran Wide Receiver?

Jets Receivers

It’s no secret that the New York Jets could use some help on offense, and most of the talk this offseason has been about the inexperienced receiving corps which severely lacks talent and doesn’t seem to be getting much better. Rex Ryan is rightfully […]

New York Jets’ Rookies Need to Be Signed By Day One of Training Camp

Dee Milliner

With two days left before rookies report to New York Jets training camp, the top three draft picks have yet to sign contracts. Caught up in the specifics and technicalities of negotiating a deal, Dee Millner, Sheldon Richardson and Geno […]