2014 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Make Right Decision Drafting Jadeveon Clowney

Houston Texans Select Jadeveon Clowney

Having the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft can be a blessing and a curse, but the Houston Texans made the right decision by selecting Jadeveon Clowney. After a 12-win season in 2012, things completely fell apart for Houston […]

2014 NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens Should Target QB Zach Mettenberger in Second Round

Zach Mettenberger Draft Rumors

While it may seem like a surprising choice for fans of the Baltimore Ravens, Ozzie Newsome needs to draft underrated quarterback Zach Mettenberger. The Ravens have the starting job for quarterback all tied up with Joe Flacco, but adding depth […]

2014 NFL Draft: QB Tony Romo Will Be Traded If Johnny Manziel Becomes a Dallas Cowboy

Johnny Manziel to Dallas Cowboys

If quarterback Johnny Manziel can fall to the Dallas Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones will quickly be looking to trade current starter Tony Romo. The pandemonium over Johnny Football to the Cowboys started a few weeks ago, but things quickly died […]

2014 NFL Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Must Land Johnny Manziel At All Costs

Johnny Manziel Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to find a way to compete with the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints, then quarterback Johnny Manziel needs to be selected with the seventh pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Massive distractions and […]

2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns’ Expensive Study Finds That Teddy Bridgewater is Best QB

Teddy Bridgewater Cleveland Browns

After the Cleveland Browns reportedly paid $100,000 for a study to determine who would be the best quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. The results concluded that Teddy Bridgewater should be the first signal-caller off the board. Without a clear […]

Richard Sherman: Should Stars Accept Big Pay Days or Take Cuts to Help Team?

Richard Sherman Contract Extension

He says that he is the best corner in the NFL, and the stats and big play abilities of Richard Sherman certainly help to justify his case. Now with a contract extension of $56 million, $40 million of which is […]

2014 NFL Draft: LeBron James Can Influence Johnny Manziel’s Draft Stock

LeBron James and Johnny Manziel

If you think it doesn’t matter where LeBron James thinks Johnny Manziel should be selected in the 2014 NFL Draft, you are unfortunately in the wrong. James has a few reasons to try and push Manziel into being the first […]

2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Pretending to Have Interest in Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater Cleveland Browns

The draft scenarios are endless for the Cleveland Browns, but selecting Teddy Bridgewater is not one of them. Sources have “leaked” information that GM Ray Farmer is absolutely crazy for Bridgewater and that he would even consider trading up from […]

2014 NFL Draft: WR Sammy Watkins Will Not Improve Detroit Lions’ Offense

Sammy Watkins 2014 NFL Draft

Wide receiver Sammy Watkins is one of the best players in the 2014 NFL Draft, but the Detroit Lions would be very foolish to add him to the team. The Lions are absolutely stacked with offensive weapons. Quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s […]

2014 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Must Select Johnny Manziel To Revitalize Organization

Johnny Manziel 2014 NFL Draft

After several painful seasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars can start to turn things around by selecting Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft. Manziel is going for be the first QB off the board. The simple fact is that Teddy Bridgewater and […]

2014 NFL Draft: Atlanta Falcons Can’t Afford To Select DE Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney

There is little doubt that defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is one of the best players in the 2014 NFL Draft, but the Atlanta Falcons would be making a huge mistake in attempting to land this future star. In order to […]

2014 NFL Draft: QB Zach Mettenberger Still Worth The Risk Despite Newest Concerns

Zach Mettenberger 2014 NFL Draft

The bad news just keeps piling up for draft prospect Zach Mettenberger. The former starting quarterback for LSU may not be a household name, but he is poised to make a splash in the 2014 NFL Draft. In 2012, Mettenberger […]