Oakland Raiders: Analyzing Team’s Areas of Concern Heading Into Week 2

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

They have doubters. They have haters. Let’s face it, the outlook for the Oakland Raiders’ 2014 season has already been chalked up by close to the majority. And coming off 11 first downs and 158 yards of total offense in […]

Oakland Raiders’ Season Reliant On Uncertain Quarterback Position

Oakland Raiders' Quarterback Derek Carr

As we all know by now, there is still ongoing uncertainty at the quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders. Following the signing of Matt Schaub in the offseason, it seemed like a mortal lock that he would be under center […]

What Last Win Against Carolina Panthers Means For New England Patriots

Tom Brady Patriots

It means 16-0, that’s what it means. Eh, fine. Odds are, no. But I think Robert Kraft and Coach Belichick are looking at a 14-2 season. Between the depth at receiver and halfback, the offensive side of the ball for […]

Added Veteran Presence Should Give Oakland Raiders’ Defense a New Identity

Defensive End Justin Tuck and the Oakland Raiders' New Look Defense

After being plagued by injury in 2011 and 2012, former New York Giants two-time Pro-Bowl DE Justin Tuck rebounded in 2013, posting some of the best numbers in his career. He was able to do this at the all-too criticized age of 30. […]

Oakland Raiders’ 2014 Expectations Still Uncertain Midway Through Preseason

2014 Oakland Raiders Regular Season Expectations

This last game against the Detroit Lions shed some light on how bright the future has potential to be.  It also shed some light on how dark the path to get there may prove. It’s the halfway point of the preseason, folks, […]