Jim Tressel Should be Suspended Five Games by the NFL

Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel, who was just hired by the Indianapolis Colts as the instant replay consultant, needs to serve a five game suspension. Jim Tressel, who earlier this year resigned as head coach of THE Ohio State Buckeyes, has found a job already […]

Eskin to Leave WIP

Howard Eskin known to many Philadelphia Eagles fans for his brash in your face style maybe leaving his post at 610 WIP in Philadelphia.  Dan Gross of Philly.com broke the story earlier today [Philly.com] We won’t call it a “stone cold mortal lock,” as Howard Eskin might, […]

Football is Back in Philadelphia

http://youtu.be/IsKPEBY04I8 As evidence from the video I took last night at the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens game fans are excited that the NFL is back, the video screen inside announced the proclamation.  Eagles fans everywhere were excited to see their Eagles […]

Former Rams’ Quarterback Marc Bulger Retires

According to the Baltimore Ravens website 10-year veteran and former St. Louis Rams‘ quarterback Marc Bulger has retired.  “I am grateful to all my former team mates, coaches and my family,” Bulger told ESPN. “I have a special place in my […]