The Top 5 Cincinnati Bengals of September


Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Line, Passing Attack Dominate Jacksonville Jaguars in 27-10 Win

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Does anyone have any good recipes for crow? I was way off the mark. Not in the sense that I thought the Cincinnati Bengals would lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road–no, I knew they were the better team […]

Cincinnati Bengals vs Jacksonville Jaguars Live Tweet Happening Now

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Aaaaand we are underway from Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville! The Cincinnati Bengals face a potential trap game this afternoon against a Jacksonville Jaguars squad that Who Dey Nation should not underestimate. It could be a frustrating, grind-it-out affair for the […]

Bengals vs Jaguars: Potential Trap Game

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Bring on the trap game! At the top of September, I highlighted the Week 4 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars as a potential pitfall for Who Dey Nation, and half-an-hour from game time, I can’t say […]

Cincinnati Bengals Defense Continues To Struggle, Nearly Surrenders Win Against Washington Redskins

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As the proverbial gun signaled the end of the first half and the Cincinnati Bengals trotted into the locker room with a 24-10 lead over the Washington Redskins, a strong current blew through FedEx Field, playfully teasing Robert Griffin III’s […]

Redskins LB Brian Orakpo, DE Adam Carriker Will Miss Sunday’s Game vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Season

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Unwelcome injuries plagued both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins in Week 2, but on the whole, these two teams had very different outings Sunday afternoon. On one end, the Bengals earned their first win of the season after […]

Cincinnati Bengals Outgun Browns’ Offense, Trent Richardson’s Historic Performance On The Way To 34-27 Win

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  ATTN: Browns and Bengals Bring the big guns. Defense need not apply. Regards, Sunday’s game At least, that’s what I imagined the memo to these two teams looked like while I watched the shootout between the Cleveland Browns and […]

Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals – Week 2 Live Tweet Going on Now

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Join me on Twitter right now as I live tweet today’s Cleveland Browns-Cincinnati Bengals matchup. Swing on over and send me questions while you watch so I can learn you somethin’ about the orange and black. Here’s the handle: @RantSportsCincy […]

This Week in Cincinnati Bengals Tweets – Week 2

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Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis was gracious enough to lift his team-wide Twitter ban. Let’s celebrate by counting down the five best chirps from Week 2. * * * 5. C Trevor Robinson (@trobinson78) Uhh I’m a janitor at a […]

10 Fun Facts for Sunday’s Cleveland Browns-Cincinnati Bengals Matchup

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Think you know everything about the Battle of Ohio? Well, may  I remind you that modesty is a virtue and nobody likes a bragger. Not exactly my best opening to an article, granted, but let me make it up to […]

What the Muck? Cincinnati Bengals May Re-sign An Old Face At Linebacker

Bruce Thorson-US Presswire

He’s baaaack! Or at least, he could be. Earlier this evening, former Cincinnati Bengals LB Roddrick Muckleroy posted an Instagram photo of three spiral notebooks: two of them green Mead books that anyone can pick up at three in the […]

Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals NFL Week 2 Preview

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As far as predictions go, I did pretty well during the Cincinnati Bengals’ Monday night loss.  Sure, the Baltimore Ravens blew the hinges off the game early in the second half, but in terms of their recent matchup history, that […]