Questions Are About To Start Getting Answered For Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

The bright lights of Monday night are almost upon us. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins are ready to do battle. This really does set up to be an exciting opener for both of these teams. Robert Griffin III is set to return for the Skins. Chip Kelly and his […]

It Could Be A Long Season For Philadelphia Eagles’ Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper Philadelphia Eagles

Well, the Riley Cooper incident may or may not be resolved even in the Philadelphia Eagles own locker room, and Cary Williams is exhibit A for that. I have been wondering how other players around the league will deal with Cooper. I can almost guarantee that […]

Jairus Byrd To The Philadelphia Eagles?

Jairus Byrd Buffalo Bills

Could the Philadelphia Eagles be a landing spot for the disgruntled safety Jairus Byrd? NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that Byrd will miss the start of the season for the Buffalo Bills because of a lingering plantar fasciitis injury. Rapoport also reported the “wildcard” to […]

Cary Willams Has Some Issues For Philadelphia Eagles

Cary Williams Philadelphia Eagles

Cary Williams my man, you have some issues. Yes, I get that whole incident the other day at practice for the Philadelphia Eagles likely stems from the Riley Cooper incident. Cary was one of the players that didn’t forgive Riley right way. Obviously he still […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Danny Watkins Talks About His Time In Philly

Howie Roseman Philadelphia Eagles

I use to love that one particular song by Limp Bizkit, you know what one I’m talking about. No,  not that “I did it all for the Nookie” song, though I did enjoy that one thoroughly. I am talking about […]

Some Former Philadelphia Eagles Finding Homes Quickly

Philadelphia Eagles Clay Harbor

With all the cuts that have happened, I checked out where some of the “former’ Philadelphia Eagles have landed.  There really weren’t many surprises when the Eagles made their decision on the 53- man roster. Obviously, there will still be […]

The Roster Shuffle Begins For The Philadelphia Eagles

Ifeanyi Momah Philadelphia Eagles

Well, it didn’t take long  for the Philadelphia Eagles to starting shuffling their roster again. It took less than 24 hours to be exact. The Eagles were awarded cornerback Shaun Prater on a waiver claim Sunday. Prater was released by the […]

Danny Watkins Never Brought That “Canadian Style” To The Philadelphia Eagles

Howie Roseman Philadelphia Eagles

I will never forget the day when the Philadelphia Eagles drafted the “30-year-old lineman” out of Baylor.  Fine, Danny Watkins wasn’t 30-years old, he was 26. You get my point.  He just had that like-able factor even with his age […]

Philadelphia Eagles Roster Cuts: None That Surprising Yet

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The time has finally come for the Philadelphia Eagles. The regular season is upon us. I always love those dramatic beginnings. Moving on… The final cut day is here. Who will stay and who will go? Well, we are about to find […]

Bryce Brown, Please Figure Out Your Issues For The Philadelphia Eagles

Bryce Brown Philadelphia Eagles

Mr.Bryce Brown, I really want to love you bro. I really do. But, my man, you really need to learn how to hold on to the damn ball. Maybe you can take the same classes that Adrian Peterson took? Whatever AP did […]

Kenny Phillips’ Career Could Be Over Before It Started For Philadelphia Eagles

Kenny Phillips Philadelphia Eagles

I was excited and leery at the same time when the Philadelphia Eagles signed safety Kenny Phillips for a one-year deal from the New York Giants.  The 26 year old is talented as hell, but the dude just can’t stay healthy, if he can’t […]

Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

  When it comes preseason games, the third game is always the most important, as that is when the first units get there work in. They usually play a full half, maybe even a little more. That is why Chip […]