It’s Now Or Never For Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick

Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles

Unless you have been living under a rock in Philadelphia Eagles land, you know by now that Michael Vick has won the starting job. I am a Nick Foles guy. When I say I am a Foles guy, I mean I would […]

Running Back Battle Is Not Sexy But It’s Important For The Philadelphia Eagles

Bryce Brown Philadelphia Eagles

There are battles everywhere on the Philadelphia Eagles. You have the secondary battle going on, the outside linebacker tussle, and obviously the starting quarterback battle. I have another one that I have my eye on, and that would be the backup running […]

With The Philadelphia Eagles Defense It’s All About Progress

Carolina-Panthers/Philadelphia Eagles

After the first preseason game, the defense was the hot topic for the Philadelphia Eagles aside from the quarterbacks situation.  The team made a complete turnaround in their second preseason game on the defensive side of the ball, even though they […]

Round Two Of The Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Battle Goes To Michael Vick

Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles

Everyone is writing about the Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback situation, so I have to chime in as well. My last post about the quarterback situation I called the race even after round one. Well, it’s still close, but Michael Vick might have a slight […]

What The National Writers Are Saying About The Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

I loving reading local  bloggers and writers for the Philadelphia Eagles for obvious reasons.  They understand the situations going on around the team better and they follow the team day-in and day-out.  To be honest, I would rather read a […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Lack Of Tackling Is Main Focus

Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots

The first preseason game  for the Philadelphia Eagles was much anticipated for obvious reasons. Chip Kelly‘s offensive schemes and the new hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense were two of them. Well, the offense looked good and efficient. The defense … not much, […]

Matt Barkley Shook Jitters Off For Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Barkley Philadelphia Eagles

Most of the quarterback talk about the Philadelphia Eagles centers on Michael Vick and Nick Foles. They’re the most ready and most experience to start the season as a starter — just don’t tell that to Matt Barkley. This dude has never been second fiddle anywhere […]

Philadelphia Eagles: QB Battle Basically Even After Round 1

Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles

  Yes, the topic that all Philadelphia Eagles fans are tired of hearing about will finally have closure: the starting quarterback situation. I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but I know I am tired of it. However, I understand its importance, so […]

Could Philadelphia Eagles Have A Health Issue On The O-Line?

Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line

Is anyone else worried about the offensive line? I know I am. I wrote about how I was nervous that Jason Peters was coming back from his two torn Achilles. Nobody seemed that nervous at the time except for me. […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Pace Might Not Be An Issue After All

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

That issue of the Philadelphia Eagles playing too fast might not be an issue after all. There was thought that Chip Kelly‘s offense would be too fast for the NFL, and that officials would have to slow it down. I mean, how fast can the Eagles […]

No Surprise As Philadelphia Eagles And New England Patriots Set For Joint Practices

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

It has been well documented that Bill Belichick is very intrigued with Chip Kelly‘s offensive schemes. It’s also well known how Belichick visited Kelly’s practices at Oregon, basically adopting Chip’s no-huddle offense and turning it into his own. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that […]

Philadelphia Eagles Will Get Answers Once Game Action Starts For Wide Receivers

Ifeanyi Momah Philadelphia Eagles

It’s early, but the Philadelphia Eagles‘ wide receiver group could have some issues. Though I believe the Eagles will rely heavily on their tight end crew, they still need receivers to open up the inside of the field for them. As […]