Philadelphia Eagles: Training Camp Observations

Russel Shepard Philadelphia Eagles

I remember the days of  Andy Reid training camps and min-camps (I was a ball boy). The most important thing, especially in mini-camps, was to make sure you left some vanilla ice in the ice cream machine. They would have a […]

When It Comes To Donovan McNabb, “Haters wanna hate, Lovers wanna love”

Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles

“Haters wanna hate. Lovers wanna love” to quote a great man David Chappelle. When you mention the name of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia you get plenty of haters and plenty of lovers. That’s just the way it is here and […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremy Maclin Did Right Thing Showing Up to Camp

Jeremy Maclin WR Philadelphia Eagles

Everyone knows by now that Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL. He was reportedly in the middle of 7 on 7 drills when it happened. I used to be a ball boy for the Philadelphia Eagles back in the day. I […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles Should Be Starting Quarterback

Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles

  Yes, I will be millionth person to write about the Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback situation, but it is what it is until Chip Kelly finally decides to name a starter. I could have written about how Pepperidge Farms Cheddar Gold Fish are filled with awesomeness. I […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Can They Ever Find That ‘Unique’ Home-Field Advantage Again

Philadelphia Eagles Fans

I used to travel to different stadiums for sporting events all the time. The Kansas City Chiefs (Arrow Head) stadium was flat-out awesome. Minnesota Vikings (Metrodome) arena was overrated. As for the Washington Redskins (FedEx Field), I would like to say something about that […]

The Odd Case Of Michael Bamiro’s Way To The Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Offensive line

So news came out a few days ago that the Philadelphia Eagles are signing Stony Brook offensive tackle Michael Bamiro, who was declared a free agent last week by the NFL. That’s only the beginning of this dude’s story. It’s a tad bit complicated, […]

Who Will Be the Philadelphia Eagles’ Starting Quarterback? The “Beliebers” Have The Answer

Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles

Who will be the Philadelphia Eagles‘ starting quarterback? That will be the biggest question answered in training camp. Yes, I know — Captain Obvious strikes again. You have DeSean Jackson picking Michael Vick as his favorite. Mine is Nick Foles and some people in the back of […]

Chip Kelly’s Hand Signals Could Be Fun To Watch For The Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly Oregon Ducks

So many new things are coming our way this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.  We got a brand new offense, defense, and coaches. There will be so many new activities to see. I am not sure if activities actually fits […]

Get Use To It Philadelphia Eagles Fans, We Are Going To Hear A Lot Of Donovan McNabb

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions

This is a hard pill to swallow for Philadelphia Eagle fans. We have to get use to hearing Donovan McNabb talking again. I mean, A LOT… I feel like I can speak for most Eagles fans when I say this, “Son […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly Doesn’t Have “Rebuilding” In His Vocabulary

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

I will be the first to tell you that I think that this season for the Philadelphia Eagles will be a transition year. I do think they can be competitive, especially with the talent they have on the offensive side of […]

Some Bad Choices For Philadelphia Eagles On All-Time Overrated/Underrated List

Nnamdi Asomugha Philadephia Eagles, Domenik Hixon New York Giants

So did a countdown of every team in the league’s most overrated/underrated players of all-time over the past few weeks. The other day, the website released its list for the Philadelphia Eagles and of course, I have to disagree […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Little-Known Wide Receiver Nick Miller Trying To Catch On

Nick Miller Philadelphia Eagles

I was looking for someone to write about and I wanted it to be an unknown player on the Philadelphia Eagles. I was thinking, ‘how about Donnie Jones, the punter?’. Imagine if I really wrote about a punter — I think […]