Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick Interestingly Ranked 25th Among Starting Quarterbacks

Ron Jaworski of ESPN

Okay, here we go. Ron Jaworski has ranked Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick as the No. 25 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, let the hating begin. Vick supporters are already out on social media calling “Jaws” a moron and an idiot. One person’s reasoning, “He […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Billy Davis Trying To Find His Niche

Santana Moss Washington Redskins touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles

As we all know, there has been a ton of turnover on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ defensive side of the ball, not to mention a totally different scheme. The Eagles’ defense needed a change in the worst way. Last year’s defense ranked […]

Philadephia Eagles: Bryce Brown Proclaims His Innocence With Dog-Fighting Issue

Bryce Brown Philadelphia Eagles

I mean, how many hits can the NFL take this week? You have New England Patriots‘ Aaron Hernandez (murder) and Cleveland Browns’ Ausar Walcott (attempted murder) both being charged. Then you have Philadelphia Eagles Bryce Brown’s dogs being seized for potentially being involved in dog fighting. This is a heck […]

Patrick Chung Looks To Regain His Form For The Philadelphia Eagles

Patrick Chung Philadelphia Eagles

Since I am on the subject of the Philadelphia Eagles secondary, I might as well take a peek at the new strong safety Patrick Chung. The former second-round pick out of Oregon left the New England Patriots after four seasons. The man […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Bradley Fletcher Could Be “Sneaky” Underrated

Bradley Fletcher Philadelphia Eagles

All we have heard about this offseason is about Cary Williams for the Philadelphia Eagles secondary. How Cary will bring a hard-nose type of football to the Eagles and how he doesn’t “do” voluntary work-outs. I think its time to […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly Is Such An Honorable Man — Not

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

So, Chip Kelly had to say sorry for breaking recruiting rules. The NCAA Division I Infractions Committee released a statement on Wednesday saying that Kelly and the University of Oregon had failed to monitor the program. The end result was that Oregon received a slap on […]

A Few First Round Busts Of The Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Draft Philadelphia Eagles

Since every NFL fan is wondering how this year’s draft picks will work out for their favorite teams this upcoming season, I thought about the worst ones for my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I came up with a few […]

“Snoop Lion” Knows Who Should Be The Quarterback For The Philadelphia Eagles

Quarterbacks Philadelphia Eagles

I love when celebrities give their opinions on sports. Everyone is always like, “did you hear so-and-so”? In world where we are obsessed with celebrities, people love to hear what they have to say. So just in case you missed […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Can Trent Cole Make Transition To 3-4?

Trent Cole Philadelphia Eagles

I’ve been thinking a bit about Trent Cole and if he could make the transition from 4-3 to 3-4 for the Philadelphia Eagles. I know Chip Kelly has said that he will be playing some 4-3, but they will be playing […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ 7th-Round Pick Jordan Poyer Out To Prove Scouts Wrong

Jordan Poyer Philadelphia Eagles

Let’s take a look at Jordan Poyer, the Philadelphia Eagles‘ seventh-round pick — 218th overall – of the 2013 NFL Draft. Before the NFL Combine, Poyer was targeted as a second-round or third-round pick by experts. One scout’s take from stated: “Balanced athlete with […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Colt Anderson Deserves Some Love

Colt Anderson Philadelphia Eagles

I love the underdog. I love the guy that doesn’t make the “big-time” money and is willing to sacrifice everything on the field. To be honest, who doesn’t? It’s easy to root for the “little guy” out on the field, […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Alex Henery the Weapon?

Alex Henery Philadelphia Eagles

Yes, I know. I must have nothing else to write about, that is why I am writing about a kicker. I said to myself “screw it, I’ll do it”. I mean, there really weren’t many bright spots on the Philadelphia […]