Vikings Fantasy Football Insider: Week 6

Hopefully by now, if you are relying on any Vikings in your regular Fantasy lineup, you’re mostly watching Adrian Peterson run, Ryan Longwell kick, or possibly the Vikings Defense if the match-up is good.  Last week, for example, you could […]

NFC North Notebook: Week 6

Last week we picked all 3 games correctly, which means that this Division now has two 5-0 leaders, a 2-3 Bears team, and the Vikings right behind them at 1-4.  I’m thinking that we’ve probably seen the best of Detroit […]

A “Pre-Bye” Checklist for the Minnesota Vikings

It’s difficult to imagine that the Vikings will come right back and play as well as they did on Sunday.  On the other hand, Minnesota has given more reasons for optimism recently than it had in all four previous games, […]

Vikings Grab a Solid Win, Move to 1-4

This was what we thought we might see from the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks ago.  I suppose it’s better late than never, but Viking fans can at least take some solace in the fact that this win was a […]

NFC North Notebook: Week 5

Covering the NFC North in 2011 has been a little bit like trying to nail jello to the wall.  It’s a sticky and difficult mess, and things in the North seem to be somewhat out of whack already.  Everyone knew […]

Containing Beanie Huge in Week 5

It’s difficult to be sitting in this chair yet again – trying to dissect the differences between a 1-3 Cardinals team and the 0-4 Vikings.  Both teams have some obvious deficiencies, and it seems pretty clear that a win will […]

The Argument for Keeping Leslie Frazier

I know that I questioned Leslie Frazier’s viability as a coach the other day, and I do stick by that in the sense that I don’t think he’s the long term answer for this team.  Much like his counterpart this […]

No More Excuses After Week 4 Loss

I would say “I hate to say I told you so”, but I am supposed to know what’s going on with this team, so really I’m happy that I was so accurate, even if the result is maddening. For the […]

Four Small Goals for Week 4 and Beyond

I think that its fair by now to acknowledge that this Vikings team should not be 0-3.  They’re not that bad.  At the same time, the old addage is true that “you are what your record says you are”, so […]

NFC North Notebook: Week 4

We learned a few things about the NFC North in Week 3.  For one, we learned that this is quickly becoming a two horse race between Green Bay and Detroit – the others will be chasing from a distance all […]

Vikings and Chiefs Look to Avoid 0-4

When I was in junior high I liked to play basketball, and although I was not very good personally, I remained just a little too competitive about it the whole time.  One time, we were in a tournament where we […]

Change Starts at the Top for the Vikings in Week 4 and Beyond

I am a bit like you when it comes to the 2011 Minnesota Vikings.  I cannot figure out how in the world the same thing manages to happen to the same team three weeks in a row.  Home or away, […]