5 Atlanta Falcons Players Who Won’t Make it Past First Round of Cuts

Atlanta Falcons Roster Cuts

Atlanta Falcons: Starters Will Bring It When It Counts

Atlanta Falcons Starters Will Bring It

Though the Atlanta Falcons have lost the first two games of the preseason, all signs are pointing to another winning regular season. The starters are gelling quite nicely, as a matter of fact. This past Thursday, the Falcons were up […]

Atlanta Falcons: Tony Gonzalez Is Coming Home

Atlanta Falcons Tony Gonzalez Is Back

He’s back. Tony Gonzalez is at long last returning to the Atlanta Falcons, and back to the field in next Saturday night’s game against the Tennessee Titans. It’s only been two preseason games, so ‘at long last’ may be a […]

Atlanta Falcons: Joplo Bartu Is a Keeper

Atlanta Falcons Joplo Bartu

The Atlanta Falcons have a literal plethora of talented linebackers trying to make the roster, and another rookie standout by the name of Joplo Bartu is definitely one to watch. Though he isn’t well-known outside the confines of Texas State […]

Atlanta Falcons: Roddy White Injury Isn’t That Serious

Atlanta Falcons Roddy White Is Fine

When Roddy White went to the sidelines with an apparent ankle injury in the Atlanta Falcons’ Thursday night game against the Baltimore Ravens, a slight panic ensued among Falcons’ fans. ‘Slight panic’ may be an understatement as well as a […]

Atlanta Falcons: Where Is Brian Banks in the Equation?

Atlanta Falcons Where Is Brian Banks

The Atlanta Falcons suffered another preseason loss Thursday night to the Baltimore Ravens, but where was rookie linebacker hopeful Brian Banks? After his limited time on the field in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the general thinking (read: my […]

Atlanta Falcons: The New Stadium Pendulum Swings Again

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Update 081813

The roller-coaster story of the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium took yet another upward twist on Friday, and the journey into the unknown continues. The more things change… Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed announced Friday that Mount Vernon Baptist Church had dropped […]

Atlanta Falcons: 5 Surprises from the First Preseason Game

Atlanta Falcons 5 Surprises

Atlanta Falcons: From Mike Johnson to Lamar Holmes?

Atlanta Falcons Lamar Holmes

The training camp curse that seems to have befallen many teams this preseason finally made its way…in an ugly way…to the Atlanta Falcons camp earlier this week. Mike Johnson left camp via ambulance, and it was later revealed that he’d […]

Atlanta Falcons: The Desmond Trufant Disappointment?

Atlanta Falcons Desmond Trufant Disappointment

There’s been a lot of talk since the Atlanta Falcons’ loss Thursday night, and a lot of it revolves around rookie cornerback Desmond Trufant. The big question is, was his debut a disappointment for the Falcons and fans? First things […]

Atlanta Falcons: Brian Banks Finally Makes His Debut

Brian Banks Atlanta Falcons Debut

To the fans, it was week one of the Atlanta Falcons’ preseason…but to rookie linebacker Brian Banks, it was the realization of an impossible dream. The Brian Banks story is known far and wide by now, but the culmination of […]

Atlanta Falcons: Say Hello to Paul Worrilow

Atlanta Falcons Paul Worrilow

There wasn’t much reaction from Atlanta Falcons fans or foes when they signed relatively unknown and undrafted rookie linebacker Paul Worrilow, but that was at the time of his signing. Oh, what a difference a game makes. The overall game […]