Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Peria Jerry

Peria Jerry Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

In all honesty, the word ‘productive’ doesn’t come to mind when the name of Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Peria Jerry is brought up. As a matter of fact, it’s more like ‘done.’ Is that a fair assessment? When looking strictly […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

When Asante Samuel joined the ranks of the Atlanta Falcons, the response of fans—and foes—was not necessarily the best. The general consensus was he’s older; some even went so far as to say he was washed up. His self-promoting grandstanding […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Harry Douglas

Harry Douglas Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

With the dynamic duo of Roddy White and Julio Jones, it’s no wonder it seems like Harry Douglas may have slipped through the cracks of the depth chart for the Atlanta Falcons’ wide receivers. In all honesty, that’s a shame. […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Sean Weatherspoon

Sean Weatherspoon Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

Atlanta Falcons minicamp reports indicate that Sean Weatherspoon is back at 100% despite arthroscopic knee surgery, but are those reports accurate? Before his ankle injury in November 2012 that sidelined him for three games, he had three sacks in his […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Akeem Dent

Akeem Dent Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

For all the questions about whether or not Akeem Dent can get the job done this season, let’s review. Rewind to January 13, 2013. Atlanta Falcons take on the Seattle Seahawks. By the end of the third quarter, things were […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Stansly Maponga

Stansly Maponga Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

For the Atlanta Falcons, rookie minicamp is over. The June minicamp is over. The overall view of the defensive end picture is beginning to come together, but only just…because it isn’t complete. One factor is notable by his absence. One […]

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium: Another Iron in the Fire?

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium

In the midst of the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium location debate, another contender has risen. Not from the ashes, though if the stadium were to actually land on Franklin Road in Marietta by some million-to-one shot it might seem that […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Cliff Matthews

Cliff Matthews Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

The battle for the starting positions at defensive end is one of, if not the, most hotly contested right now for the Atlanta Falcons. The challengers for the positions are considerable…and significant. Osi Umenyiora, Stansly Maponga, Malliciah Goodman and Jonathan […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Ronnie Wingo

Ronnie Wingo Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

There aren’t too many people who know a lot about Ronnie Wingo, but the Atlanta Falcons know enough about him—and were impressed enough by his game—to bring him aboard. But what does this signing bring? Wingo’s days at St. Louis […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Malliciah Goodman

Malliciah Goodman Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

The defensive end competition promises to be one of the major talking points throughout the Atlanta Falcons training camp and beyond. Malliciah Goodman intends to be one of—if not the—top names they’re talking about. After the recent minicamp, fellow defensive […]

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Zeke Motta

Zeke Motta Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

William Moore and Thomas DeCoud are the ‘now’ for the Atlanta Falcons as far as safety positions go, but they won’t be around forever. The next generation of safety needs to get in the game now…even if it’s only in […]

Atlanta Falcons: End of the Line for Richard Seymour?

Richard Seymour Atlanta Falcons

Another player possibility has apparently bitten the dust for the Atlanta Falcons. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Richard Seymour and the Falcons have gone back and forth, with both sides claiming they worked together to try and come […]