There is Hope for the Detroit Lions’ Defense

Ezekiel Ansah

The Detroit Lions need all the help they can get to finish off the last five games of the season and have a legit shot at a postseason appearance. The Lions’ defense has not lived up to expectations throughout the […]

5 Things Detroit Lions Need to Win the Thanksgiving Day Classic


Detroit Lions Halt Their Winning Formula

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have suddenly brought their winning ways to a complete halt. Even though the Lions still hold the third seed for a wild card berth in the NFC, they are not worthy of a postseason appearance. If the […]

What Happened to Joseph Fauria’s Role in Detroit Lions’ Offense?

Detroit Lions

What ever happened to the Detroit Lions‘ undrafted tight end Joseph Fauria? He was one of the most exciting and entertaining players to watch this year because of his effectiveness, secure hands and entertaining touchdown celebrations. Who can forget his […]

Nate Burleson Will Have Positive Effect on Detroit Lions

Nate Burleson

The Detroit Lions have a strong possibility of seeing the return of wide receiver Nate Burleson against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Burleson has been looking good and taking reps with the first team throughout the week; if he’s ready to […]

The Detroit Lions are in Command of Their Own Destiny

Matt Stafford

It´s been a long week for Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions as they continue to receive criticism and remain the focal point after a tough loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Luckily enough, the Lions are still in command of […]

Detroit Lions Must Find Pair of Home Wins in Next 2 Weeks

Detroit Lions

It’s a tough week at Allen Park, MI; the Detroit Lions are back to work and have to sit through the most painful film session yet. What is more worrisome is that coach Jim Schwartz is too prideful and shows […]

The Steel Curtain Stops the Detroit Lions’ Momentum

Jim Schwartz

The Detroit Lions arrived at Heinz Field riding on a great momentum wave and fell prisoners to their own drama. As a Lions fan, I have to admit that beyond the thrill of cheering for the Honolulu Blue and Silver, Detroit is the […]

Detroit Lions’ Defense Will Have a Big Game Against Pittsburgh Steelers

Ndamukong Suh

The Detroit Lions face the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday on the road in a game that should be won by the Lions. Detroit arrives in Pittsburgh with one of the top rated offenses in the league and with Ndamukong Suh […]

Offensive Synergy Has Made Kris Durham So Successful With Matthew Stafford

detroit lions

The Detroit Lions visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, and there is a good probability of seeing Nate Burleson line up parallel to Calvin Johnson; at least for a few snaps. Matthew Stafford will have more targets in his portfolio […]

5 Reasons Why Detroit Lions are Legit NFC Contenders

detroit lions

Detroit Lions’ Stout Defense Still Has Room to Improve


Another Detroit Lions victory in dramatic fashion has made them the sole leaders in the NFC North division as they beat the Chicago Bears 21-19. What appeared to be a win was about to become another Lion nightmare during the […]