Ryan Tannehill Won’t Come Anywhere Close to What Warren Sapp Has Insanely Predicted

Ryan Tannehill, Drew Brees

Maybe the concussion symptoms from years of playing football are finally setting in and affecting the mental capacity of some of the NFL‘s greatest players. Either that or Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp are just crazy, bold, trying to stir […]

Denver Broncos Will Avenge Playoff Defeat to Baltimore Ravens

Peyton Manning

For Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the 2012 season ended in a heartbreaking fashion. In 2013 however, the Broncos have no plans of letting anyone, especially not the very same (yet very different) Baltimore Ravens, derail them from their […]

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick Will Thrive in Chip Kelly’s Offense

Mike Vick, Chip Kelly

As was evidenced when he coached at Oregon, there are two things Chip Kelly likes in a QB: athleticism and the ability to think on one’s feet. Luckily for the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, starting QB Michael Vick […]

Forbes’ 2013 NFL Team Values May Surprise as Four of the Top Seven Are in Same Division

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Which division is the best in football? It is a question that has been and will continue to be debated with each passing season and by every fan base across the country. And while there may never be a way […]

Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Team Should Absolutely Consider Signing Terrell Owens

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It might be time to pull that no. 81 jerseys out from the back of your closet if you didn’t burn it or throw it out, because the one and only Terrell Owens might just be headed back to the Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus Inflames Already Bad Situation By Putting Bounty On Riley Cooper

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick after he served time in jail for dog fighting, the team knew they might have to deal with backlash and criticism. What they probably weren’t aware of however was that in signing Vick, […]

NFL Announces Drastic Changes to Pro Bowl, But Still Aren’t Making Game More Interesting

Jeff Saturday

Let’s face it, the NFL Pro Bowl is the laughing stock of all sporting events and their all-star games. Instead of offering fans, which is really what the game is supposed to be all about, a good, entertaining football game, […]