Pat White is Not the Future for Miami

I can say it a hundred different ways, in seven different languages, but some people would still argue to the death. So maybe it’s easier just to put it as bluntly and honestly as I can, in plain English: Pat White […]

Former Dolphin DT Dies at 37

Former Miami Dolphin defensive tackle Norman Hand passed away yesterday after collapsing at his home in Walterboro, S.C. According to a report from WCSC-TV in Charlston, S.C., Hand was rushed to a local hospital after collapsing around 11 a.m.; sadly […]

Friday Fantasy Report 1: Dolphin Receivers

In the last decade or so, Miami Dolphin receivers haven’t exactly been a hot fantasy football commodity. In fact, most fantasy owners didn’t even have a Dolphin receiver on their team last season. Thanks to Brandon Marshall, that’s all about […]

True or False: Every Miami Dolphin has a Twin.


Every Miami Dolphin, both former and current, has a twin lurking in the shadows, and as a Dolfan I have taken the lifelong responsibility upon myself to find and reunite these long-lost look-a-likes. Such is the inspiration for my Dolfan […]

Dolphins Offseason Ranked Second

ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton ranks Miami second for busy offseason

ESPN’s NFL analyst John Clayton gave some much-deserved credit to the AFC East for its busy off-season, and it was the Miami Dolphins who wound up second on Clayton’s list for the best moves. Surprisingly it was the New England […]

Dolphins Should Consider O.J. Atogwe

Cowboys Rams Football

I could go for a fresh glass of O.J. Atogwe, that is. But the question is: can Miami afford this brand of juice? Since the St. Louis Rams have yet to reach terms with the restricted free agent and so […]

Pennington is Miami’s Paulie Bleeker (Juno)

Chad Pennington and Michael Cera

Chad Pennington is the one-time starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins as well as an avid family man to his wife Robin and three sons (Cole, Luke and Gage). It’s been rumored that he once took his playbook with him […]

Ducks Fly Together: Center Jake Grove and Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

The Miami Dolphins signed Jake Grove last year to take the place of Simoan center Samson Satele, and despite a few injuries late in the season, he did a pretty adequate job. To make a Mighty Ducks analogy (which will […]

LB A.J. Edds Switches Jersey from 54 to 49

Will The Real 54 please stand up? When I heard the Miami Dolphins were going to give fourth-round pick and Iowa Hawkeye A.J. Edds number 54, I considered driving down to Miami in the middle of the night and giving […]

O.J. McDuffie Awarded $11.5 Million in “Toe Trial”


You don’t want to go toe-to-toe with former Miami Dolphin receiver O.J. McDuffie. Just ask any former New York Jets defensive back. Unfortunately for a former Dolphins team doctor, he learned that lesson the hard way. After a two-and-a-half week […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo Phin Fans!


Part owner and Cuban singer Gloria Estefan performing at the halftime show of last year’s Latino Heritage Night celebrated October 12, 2009, at Lankshark Stadium. [picappgallerysingle id="6795303"] The Miami Dolphins defeated the division rival New York Jets in the Monday […]

Miami Dolphins Free-Safety Inspection

[picappgallerysingle id="6127575"] Darren Sharper resigned a deal with the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints yesterday putting a damper on any speculation that Miami would make any kind of move for the 13-year veteran. So does this mean the Dolphins […]