Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Shows Innovation With Playoff Ticket Idea

Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys are taking a beating today after reports have shown that they sent out playoff tickets as a part of their season-ticket package. Many are misconstruing the meaning of this tactic. People think this is Jerry Jones being […]

Dallas Cowboys Re-signing Tyron Smith a Great Move For Tony Romo

Tyron Smith

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t feel sorry for themselves after losing rookie Demarcus Lawrence on Tuesday. Instead, the team extended tackle Tyron Smith with an eight-year, $110 million deal on Wednesday. He will be a pivotal part of the Cowboys’ future. […]

Dallas Cowboys Must Find Replacement For Demarcus Lawerence

DeMarcus Lawrence

The Dallas Cowboys suffered a huge blow to their much maligned defense on Tuesday when they lost rookie defensive end Demarcus Lawrence. Lawrence broke his right foot and will be out 8-10 weeks. He was being counted on to produce […]

Dallas Cowboys: Resting Tony Romo May Do More Harm Than Good

Tony Romo

QB Tony Romo has sat out a couple of practices since the start of training camp, but the organization insists it’s just precautionary. If he continues to sit out sporadically, more questions about his health may arise. Jason Garrett needs […]

Are The Dallas Cowboys Done With Matt Johnson?

Matt Johnson Cowboys

The name Matt Johnson will make any Dallas Cowboys fan shake their head in displeasure. He’s been more like myth instead of an actual NFL player. People know his name and his potential, but nobody ever sees him display it. He […]

What Type of Contract Does Dez Bryant Deserve?

Dez X

The contract extension for Dez Bryant continues to loom over the Dallas Cowboys‘ franchise. He insists he’s letting things take care of themselves, but the two parties continue to be on completely different pages. The front office has leverage, but needs […]

Dallas Cowboys Have All Eyes On Motivated Henry Melton

Henry Melton

Much has been made about the players the Dallas Cowboys lost in the offseason. Henry Melton was brought in to fill the void left on the defensive line. Question marks have surrounded his name to this point, but it appears […]

Dallas Cowboys: Will Dezmon Briscoe Make An Impact?

Dezmon Briscoe

The Dallas Cowboys signed wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe this week. They now have 11 receivers on the roster. The coaching staff believes this will cut down on fatigue and injuries as well as give them plenty of options. I really […]

Dallas Cowboys: Rod Marinelli’s Key To Success

Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are looking at Rod Marinelli to be the saving grace for the defense. If everybody is expecting him to reinvent the wheel, they’ll be sadly mistaken. He will make this group better, but it will be by […]

How Can Ahmad Dixon Help The Dallas Cowboys?

Ahmad Dixon

The Dallas Cowboys took Ahmad Dixon in the seventh-round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The safety from Baylor had high grades in some areas, but slipped to the last round. The biggest question is surrounding him is, where will he […]

Dallas Cowboys: Is Dan Bailey A Top-Five NFL Kicker?

Dan Bailey

The kicker position in the NFL is an afterthought for most fans. They get praise for their makes, but always get blasted for their misses. The Dallas Cowboys understand the importance of the position. That’s why they signed their kicker, […]

Should Dallas Cowboys Regret Passing on Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel

With the release of Kyle Orton some people surrounding the Dallas Cowboys organization are wondering if they should have done it much sooner. If they knew what they were going to do all along, they could have drafted Johnny Manziel […]