Philadelphia Eagles’ Young Defensive Line Dominating Opponents

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Bennie Logan. Fletcher Cox. Damion Square. Clifton Geathers. Vinny Curry. Cedric Thornton. At the start of the season, would any of these names have inspired fear in the hearts of opposing offenses? After the Philadelphia Eagles traded Isaac Sopoaga and fully committed to the youth movement, it was a […]

Shades of the Past for Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday’s Win

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It started with a story breaking before the game. The Washington Redskins said that their bus was egged on the way in to the stadium and posted pictures to show the proof. The national media jumped in with their usual chastising of […]

Air Time for Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles

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Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins are different teams coming into this game than they were in Week 1. They each have improvements on both sides of the ball, and in this important rematch with divisional impact, finding and exploiting weakness […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Player To Watch On Sunday: LeSean McCoy

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In any football game, 9:32 seconds is a large chunk of time, and for a coach that has said he couldn’t care less about time of possession, this is truly a miracle. For Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, it was […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Pass Defense Critical vs. Washington Redskins

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The first week of the season, Chip Kelly introduced his offense to the nation, dazzling the audience with points and moving the ball. The Philadelphia Eagles became the talk of the league and the Washington Redskins looked lost on the field. Now we are more than […]

DeSean Jackson Is Missing Point About Philadelphia Eagles’ Fans

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“We already have to beat our opponent. Now we’re trying to fight our fans. That energy to help us go out there and help us [get an] interception, delay of game penalty, whatever it is, we need them on our […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly Needs to Start Challenging Plays

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Someone needs to wake up Pat Shurmur. There were two plays on Sunday that the Philadelphia Eagles should have challenged. Schurmur is the man in the replay booth telling Chip Kelly to throw the challenge flag and I have no idea where he was during […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Cary Williams is the Next Nnamdi Asomugha

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The Philadelphia Eagles‘ defense has improved over the past few games. They are stopping the run and playing physical football. One thing I noticed during the game was infuriating though. Cary Williams is turning into the next Nnamdi Asomugha. He is the king of […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Young Defense Must Shine For Sunday Win

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After the trading of Isaac Sopoaga at the deadline, the message was clear — the Philadelphia Eagles were embracing the youth movement on defense. They cleared room for Bennie Logan and Damion Square to get more reps on the line. […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Receiver A Top Priority In 2014 Draft

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When is a No. 1 receiver not a No. 1 receiver? When he’s DeSean Jackson and scheduled to make $10 million next year. There is no reason to pay Jackson that money, and if the Philadelphia Eagles are smart, they […]

Philadelphia Eagles: A Win on Sunday Means No More Michael Vick

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The writing is on the wall even if Chip Kelly will not acknowledge it or even go there when questioned. The exit song is playing and Michael Vick must know his time is up. This is not saying a team would not pay him […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Bryce Brown’s Emergence Key To Victory On Sunday

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The Philadelphia Eagles‘ offense worked on more than one level on Sunday, and it was refreshing to see Chip Kelly‘s group get their feet under them again. One of the key contributions to the success was Bryce Brown actually getting […]